For someone who is a gym junkie and a fitness fanatic it sure has taken me a while to get this page up and running (pun intended). I guess the reason for this is that I am more one of those over-the-top-enthusiastic-yelling-group-fitness-participants you see in group fitness classes. I seriously do not see why more people don’t do the classes (if you’re interested in more, check out my Group Fitness Page). Sure I may be able to get a more effective, quicker, targeted and perhaps higher calorie burning workout doing my own customised workout- but would I keep it up daily as I do now? Would I get the personal satisfaction, social interaction and sheer enjoyment out of it like I do my classes? Perhaps not. Occasionally though life happens and I cannot make a scheduled class so I’ve had to do my own thang. As a lover of all things blogging I have adapted and used many workouts from other blogs (so I will link up them up as necessary).

This is a space for me to share with you some workouts I enjoy doing, that may or may not have been created by moi.

Favourite Workouts

Cardio Workouts


Strength/Weight Training Workouts


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