Hello there fellow travelers! If you like nothing more than exploring, eating, seeing and appreciating the world then you’re at the right place. Or if you are more of a home body (no judgement) and prefer living vicariously through others’ exciting holidays and travel experiences than you are also at the right place.


Internationally, I’ve only visited Bali and New Zealand. Oh and I’ve been on a cruise to Vanuatu, Noumea and another place I forgot ha! But I plan to change that in the next year or so with a massive Europe trip (tips and tricks welcome thanks!). Domestically, I’ve seen Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and many Qld and NSW destinations.

But let this be known- I love to travel. When I returned to reality (yuck) after Bali I was in a slump for a good week. Seriously, who would want to leave that place? And home brings responsibilities, work and commitments ha!

I’ve written up a list of travel tips that I find are essential before going on a trip:

  1. Research, research, research. Search books, the web, ask people for tips- just get as much information before you go.
  2. After doing number 1, write a list of things you want to see and things you HAVE to see. That way you hopefully will do everything you want whilst away.
  3. Convert a small amount of currency before you go. This only applies if it’s overseas and uses different currency (you knew that though). But I prefer to take australian cash and convert it overseas as I go, rather than converting it all before and not using it. I do convert a small portion of my money before I leave though depending on what the first couple of days of my holiday have in store.
  4. Find out if there are any arrival and departure fees/visas. And have it ready.
  5. Buy power adaptors. It is so much easier to have these with you so you don’t need to search for one whilst on holiday.
  6. Confirm everything. Being a control freak and avid organiser this for me is a given.
  7. Make a copy of your itinerary and personal details/cards/passport etc to take with you and leave behind with someone. I did this for Bali as it was my first international trip and I was only going with my bf. But for New Zealand I didn’t bother as I went with my family. My stepmum had a copy of everything anyway (itinerary, tours, accommodation info etc).
  8. Write a list of what to pack and then cut it down. Especially the clothes. I usually pack and then sort through it all with the bf and he tells me what to leave behind, much to my dismay.
  9. Plan to wear comfy clothes on the plane and accommodate for the change in climate and weather if necessary.
  10. If there is a chance you will use your credit or debit card overseas ring your bank to let them know and they will put a travel note on it.
I will add to the tips as I go. If you have any good tips you can think of, feel free to share and I’ll add them to the list.

Below you’ll find some travel posts from:

I wish you all many happy, fun and safe travels for the present and future!


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