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Go Big Or Go Home

Another post thanks to NaBloPoMo’s March prompts based on the themeĀ risks. But first, read my previous ‘risky’ post about When Risks Pay Off.

NaBloPoMo March 2013

Today’s prompt was to talk about my experience with the saying- go hard or go home.




Rather than share my experiences with it I wanted to discuss the saying itself.

Do I agree with it? Ahhhh…yes and no.

Let me explain…

In some contexts I definitely agree with it, but not necessarily 100% of the time either. In my BodyStep class or a workout I’m one to advocate giving it your all- because why waste the hour. Though I wouldn’t ever offer the alternative as ‘go home’.

But I don’t agree with it in another sense. Go hard or go home to me makes me think that if it’s not big, significant, hard or whatever it’s not worthwhile, important or a success. And that’s so not true.

You don’t have to go hard or big to have made a considerable difference. It’s almost like taking on the mentality of all or nothing. The thinking is so black and white.




So no I don’t agree with it in that sense, actually as a whole I don’t agree with it at all. But I do see the value in some aspects of the quote- particularly the ‘go big’.

Maybe I could rewrite it…let’s look what we can come up with:

Go big or small, just don’t go home.

Any effort is better than nothing.

Big or Small, it’s all worthwhile.

Go Big- only with ice cream….

oh wait, scratch that last one…or not. Ha!

  • What do you think of the saying ‘Go hard or go home’?
  • What would you rewrite ‘Go hard or go home’ to?