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Crazy About Dried Fruit

Welcome welcome! It’s Thursday, and I couldn’t be happier…apart from the fact that uni is sucking away my soul.


A tad dramatic perhaps but let’s think of it this way- after tomorrow I’m two weeks of classes down! Except for the fact that it also means that I’m just getting closer and closer to assignment due dates. I promise once I’m graduated- no whinging. Ha!

Let’s change up the mood with food.

Breakfast was the same but my post workout snack was a little different. You all know I have a major soft spot for dried fruit.

Like, if you put a date and a piece of chocolate on the table I’m going the dried fruit route. Crazay, I know.

Anyways my favourite time of the month (or bi-month) is when my mum buys my brother’s favourite muesli. For me it means… yay more dried fruit!

photo 1-81

Check out those babies. I generally pick at the pink and white fruits, I think they’re apple and something (I’m actually unsure as to what the pink ones are). There’s usually not a whole heap of them and for some people there’s none, says my brother who proclaims ‘so you’re the reason I never get any pink fruit’.

Now as delicious as these little buttons of magic are, they’re also something that I can go overboard with way too easily. So I decided to pair them with some Chobani 0% plain to balance out the sugar and make sure I don’t go all crazy on that muesli’s ass.

photo 2-79

With that I also had a boiled egg with curry powder.

photo 3-56

And yes, I finally remembered to grab a shot. And the egg was perfectly done too. The gooey yolk mixed with the curry powder is just ugh phenomenal.

photo 4-42

Apart from eating I have managed to get other things done: uni work as you’ve already seen, a BodyStep class, yoga (tried half a class) and some errands.

The half a yoga class was because it was a first class and I only stayed to let the GFM how it was. Not sure I approve of having a display folder on stage with you to look at, nor do I really like the disjointed flow of the class. It felt more like a stretch class, and unfortunately I don’t think this is going to take me out of my anti-yoga funk. However, I do love BodyBalance and that incorporates some aspects of yoga as well as tai chi and pilates!

I’ve also prepped half of my lunch and snacks for tomorrow, because being organised is one way I maintain my healthy eating and lifestyle. It’ll be a big day at uni and then most likely straight to work. Oh the life of a uni student…

  • Do you like dried fruit?
  • What is something you can’t control yourself around?
  • What sucks away your soul?