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Preparing for LOVE

Hey yall- I bring you a slightly less mood-crushing post then last time…actually I won’t lie this whole post is filled with mushiness and all that lovey dovey stuff I love ;)

It’s been an action packed day for me and since I’m just a romantic at heart I knew I wanted my BodyAttack class tomorrow (aka Valentine’s Day) to be Love themed. So I got busy browsing my BodyAttack releases and managed to come up with a love-fied mix that gets ya in the mood ;) Hahaha!

I thought this was relevant! ;)




For other Les Mills BodyAttack instructors out there, here’s the mix (I managed to find like 8 of the 12 that would fit with my limited releases- so the tracks without the love connection will have a *)

1. I Love It- BA 82

2. Nothing Can Hold Us Back- BA 79

3. Turn Me On (ha!)- BA 81

4. This is how we rock!- BA 81*

5. Rock The Boat- BA 79*

6. Summer of Love- BA 80

7. Tainted Love- BA 83

8. You Got The Love- BA 83

9. This is Love- BA 81

10. We Run the Night- BA 79*

11. Let It Go- BA 79*

12. Yes to Love- BA 83


I think I did well ;) I’ve also been preparing for a cute afternoon/evening for the bf and I. I won’t say much (even though he doesn’t read my posts- don’t want to risk it) but I will say there will be activities abound, a delicious dinner and a few bits and bobs to give (yes I got crafty people!).

And hay since we’re in the mood let me give you the lowdown on- Things I’m Loving Lately!

Things I’m Loving Lately

I love Valentine’s Day. Yup no hate. I don’t buy into the whole spend heaps of money and you must get me a present…but I do think it doesn’t hurt to do something out of the usual, and hay V day is the perfect day for it ;)

My new tub of PB is a good one. I swear I always buy the same tub, but sometimes the batches are just better than others mmmm.


How much my inner thighs hurt- thinking it was the impromptu post blood test leg workout that did it. Damn you sumo deadlifts!



Having PT clients that I actually enjoy chatting to as I train them- it doesn’t even feel like work.

Chemist Warehouse- because you always give me the best damn dealios.

My onesie, because it’s so comfyyyy I want another so I can wash this one haha.


Cheese…because you make me forget the fact that I don’t have many carbs in this meal haha!


That it’s so close to FRIDAY, which means HELLO weekend…wait does it count if I have to work all day Saturday? Doh.

Selling my old textbooks online- yah for $$$ for doing nothing. Just the way I like it haha.




  • Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  • What do you love lately?

Friday Favourites 17/5

I’ve never done a Friday Favourite before but I think now is a fantastic time to start! Here’s my first ever Friday Favourites!

Friday Favourites

1. It’s Friday- what more is there to say? Woo!



2. Satay Chicken for dinner!


It doesn’t take much but it’s so tasty! Chicken, satay sauce, bamboo shoots, carrot, beans & brown rice. My family also likes to have coconut cream through it but I prefer a stronger satay taste ;)

3. Half price vitamins at Chemist Warehouse!


It may only be vitamins but getting half price anything makes me ecstatic haha.

4. A special ‘just because’ present to signify 2 weeks of prac.



Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have this man? Shopping spree! ;)

5. Smokin’ Aces



I was a bit hesitant to watch it but I’m hooked now. We’re only 30 minutes in and I’ve been slightly confused- only because I constantly need to know what’s happening 24/7 (type a ha)- and it’s good!

6. 2 weeks of prac done- 4 to go! A great day of teaching with the kids :)

7. Enter the Notox Box Giveaway. You’ve got a week left- get entering!


8. Another great full body workout and CXWORX class. Always a good time ;) Still lovin’ the deadlifts and hating on wall sits and negative chin ups oddly haha.

What is your Friday Favourite?