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Hey! I’m seriously the worst blogger, but hay whatevs. No point forcing it when I’m not feeling it ya know? Anyways, since it’s been forev…I think the last post was the Why I Can’t Be a Low Carber…I will give you a recent catch up of everything that has been happening.

Get ready, get set….GO!

I obviously stopped the whole low carb thing, and introduced a few more carbs into my life- whilst my carbs are still less than what they were cravings and binge urges have reduced ten fold- thankfully! In a way I’m really happy I trialled it, rather than ignorantly say it’s the worst, I participated and can say for me, it’s not happening.

We, well he (aka the bf) is buying a new, well used, car. It’s super sexy too…


hay 350z. We’ve always loved this car and he managed to find a great interest rate on a loan, and a great buy- it’s a 2008 Nissan 350z in black, coupe 2 door…track edition? Or was it touring? Who knows…but I just can’t wait to drive that baby woooo!

As of lately I’ve got several positive comments about me looking like I’ve lost weight- although mums was more like- Bek you’re not losing weight are you? You don’t need to. She’s a nag ha. Honestly, I feel better in my skin and more confident but I don’t think that’s due to weight loss- the scale isn’t really budging, some of my measurements have decreased a tad and my body fat % has decreased since I tested a couple of months ago- but really I don’t think I’ve lost any weight. Isn’t it odd?

NOW, whilst I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight I DO feel more accepting and loving towards my body. Sure I have my good and bad days but really I’m establishing a much better attitude towards it all- WOO!

Speaking of new establishments, I’ve also become a bit more relaxed about food (yes this gives me anxiety to share this on the big wide web, but it’s a positive step in the right direction). I still eat quite healthy, but don’t feel guilty when the bf wants to take me out for dessert or I want a few pringles- my latest guilty pleasures… sour cream & onion pringles and an amazing chocolate froyo (that literally tasted like milo ice cream). Sure it’s got nasty ingredients and little nutritional value, but I think eating well 90% of the time, I can eat for my soul the other 10% ;)

A few weeks ago we went away to the sunny coast! Our date night selection from the date night jar- was go somewhere with a view. So we went all out and spent a weekend away looking at this magnificent thing..




I went dorky and fluro for my Fluro Les Mills New Release Launch at one of my gyms! What fun :)


Outfit is actually much more fluro then photo lets on..

Yes, the extra long singlet was necessary to cover the see through pants! Ps. Bonus points when you chose your size in pants and they’re lose (this has nothing to do with the fact that they’re stretchy…shh!) haha.


I love this and it reminds me of something my mumma would do ha- love her x

This weekend I will be in Melbourne (WEEE!) from early sat morning until Sunday night for the Australian Fitness & Health Expo, and more importantly the Les Mills Super Workshop. Last year I loved both in Sydney and thought, hell- I’m young, have the money- why not live it up a bit ;) I cannot wait for my passion in health and fitness, and LES MILLS to be reinvigorated with new energy and inspiration! (Ps. Give me tips Melbourners- what to do, where to go, what I must eat ha!?)

photo 5-1

Well that’s all for now folks- I shall hopefully be back a little quicker this time ;)
  • What are you looking forward to at the moment?
  • What’s your current food pleasures?

Why I Won’t Be a Low Carber

Yup. I did something desperate to shed some weight. I did it because I was being educated and I guess even a little pressured in a way by an individual who did it and does it and it’s working great for him/her. This person knows their stuff too- research, evidence…big words and everything!

Surely it must work for me though right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. This is why I’ll never be a low carber

I get hungry. I increased my fats and my protein- but I still wounded up hungry.

Hungry Bek (with a big dash of anxiety in there) means there’s an increased chance I’ll binge. And binge I did. My longest time on the low carb band wagon was 2 weeks- then the need for carbs increased and I just went balls to the wall.

I do too much exercise to go low carb. I can’t reduce 80% of the exercise I do as it’s for work and I don’t want to give up the other 20% I do via weight training. I love getting strong and lifting heavy.

I miss my vitabrix and sweet potato…bread? Not so much aye…

I feel myself slowly slipping back into bad habits and obsessive thoughts.

I found myself weighing up whether or not certain vegies were worth their carb content- ahhhh what?!

I found myself accomplishing low carb counts and subsequently low calorie counts, and felt the rush to get lower and lower.

Whilst it was obviously not the right nutritional choice for me, it was a great learning curve. I found myself less dependant upon carbs to be full and more likely to embrace vegetables. I also feel no special pull towards bread anymore. Bread, schmead I say haha. However, I know my body needs a certain amount of carbs (ie. more than what I was doing during that trial time) to perform and function optimally. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board ;)

Bek xx