If you’re into Grit, fitness, pushing yourself or just looking bangin’ then the Grit 21 Day Challenge is for you. From the 10th of November you can sign up for the 21 day challenge at your local Go Health Club. The challenge requires that you do 7 Grit (or Warrior) classes in 21 days. As a bargain hunter you know I like getting a good deal. At only $1 a day ($21 total) I’m definitely feeling the bargain vibe! When you sign up you will be given:

  •  Challenge Card and Prize pool Entry to have signed off by the instructor at end of class

If that isn’t motivation, then what is!?

  •  Postcard – Write 2-3 goals for the Challenge and give it to Reception or GRIT instructor and it is posted to the member at the end of the Challenge

You know I love making goals, so this is right up my alley. If you’re interested in seeing my challenge goals, check them out here!

  • GRIT Wristband

I love me some gym accessories! Oh and workout shoes, clothes and all that.

  • 16 Page Eating Plan

I’m not sure I’m going to dive head first into this aspect, with my past issues but I’ll definitely have an open mind for the recipes! Plus it might give me some inspiration to make some of my own.

  • Information brochure on GRIT
  • A free Pass to bring in a friend to a GRIT Class

Maybe I can persuade my mother to come or the bf perhaps? I’d actually love to get them along and get their thoughts. I could then do a post from a gym ‘beginner’ or ‘newbie’ perspective.

I honestly cannot wait to jump head first into this challenge. The real challenge for me will be fitting in 3 Grit’s a week, along with all my other classes I teach and do, AND keeping up with those rest days so my body doesn’t let out on me.

If you’re interested in joining me on this journey, head into your nearby club or join online! I’d love to have more buddies to share this experience with (simply meaning- whinge and cry with?). Entries close tomorrow so get a hop on.

***I was not paid for this advertisement but I was compensated with an entry into the challenge. As always, all thoughts, opinions and basically everything I write is my own.***

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