Plain and simple: I love food.


I’m a self-confessed foodie with a page dedicated to my Favourite Foods. Not only is it a taste sensation on your palette but it appeases to all senses through it’s appearance, smell, texture, tastes and at times sounds. Food is also something that brings people together. There’s no wonder so much of our lives are centred on/surround it. Birthdays, holidays, dates, family get togethers- you get the drift.

Whilst I love food I also hate it- which you’ll understand once you get-to-reading the back story of posts I’ve got for you. However, I love nothing better than going to a fine dining restaurant or a delicious local joint to grab something scrumptious. And usually this occurs on a Saturday night all in the spirit of ‘Date night’.

Now a usual star in the Date night use to be an amazing ice-cream store called Marble Slab. However, I’m sad to say I haven’t been there in a very long (overdue) time. Marble Slab is only recently new to Brisbane and omg I am hooked! Although it’s a cheapier ice cream (don’t tilt your nose at me!) store similar to BnR and Cold Rock, it is home to the most delicious combination of ice cream and mix ins I have ever eaten- let’s just say I never leave that place unsatisfied ;)

Foodie Pages:

Click on the link for more (you know you want to! Plus there may be food porn on the other end- reason enough)


  1. jgann22 says:

    Wow , it looks like you love food as much as I do :)

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