Welcome to the Fitness section of this blog!

So you’re here either because:

  1. You LOVE anything fitness like me.
  2. You are looking for fitness tips, tricks, resources and motivation.
  3. You need something to distract you from eating your pantry dry.

Either way thanks for making your way to the page that discusses one of my greatest love- Fitness & Exercising!

Before I became a Body Step instructor I participated in many group fitness classes and I have to admit it is my favourite form of exercise. Not only is it a great motivator, a social way to workout and a great workout it also has rocking music and depending on the class is formulated in a way that allows you to exercise safely in order to get the most out of your workout.

Classes I participate in include: Body Step (duh!), Body Attack, Grit Strength, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance, CX and Fitbox. My favourite would have to be…big shocker- Body Step. For more on these classes and release reviews visit my Group Fitness page.

Although I am a gym junkie and avid group fitness participant- I am in no way an expert and nothing should be taken on board as professional or expert advice. BUT, if you ever want advice, information or just stories about becoming a Les Mills Group Fitness instructor feel free to ask!

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