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I’m Engaged!

AHHH *Squeal!* Yup, I’m going to be a Mrs.


This was the ring I ALWAYS wanted ever since spotting it ages ago at Wallace Bishop. I fell in love with it, and was so ecstatic when the ring box opened!


Celebatory Proposal Dinner at my favourite restaurant Aria @ Eagle St Pier. Ps. They were SO sweet and gave us complementary petite fours and wine, as well as plenty of congratulations etc.

As you can imagine I am so over the moon and extremely happy that the man I love the most has finally asked me. But there’s also a hell of a lot of thoughts running round this anxiety-stricken head of mind, so I’m sharing them…

Um, I’m going to be Mrs $#$^^&@!#. Surreal.

Must go on wedding diet asap hahahah, nah but I really want to be feel and look my best.

I have so much time…a year and a half will draaaaggggggg.

How do I ask my bridesmaids? And when? And will they say yes? Will it be too hard with a couple of girls living a plane trip away?

holy crap- cannot stop looking at my ring.

I feel super precious about wearing the ring when washing my hands, showering and washing up- so I take it off. Note to self: buy several little bowls to put round the house to hold the ring.

How to save for wedding. And an appropriate budget?

Engagement party or no engagement party?

I want to get professional engagement photos!

Changing my name on everything is gonna suck.

Must brainstorm new signature (perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself ha)

Do I mention anything on the sly to my bridesmaids before I officially ask them?

And I haven’t even really started brainstorming any finer details wedding wise…I mean I have my preferences but have done no research or anything. I don’t want to do too much too soon…anyways there’s plenty to work out before that stage.

  • Are you a wedding lover like me, or could you not care less? Or perhaps, do you really detest them?

Is This a Mistake?

So I had a post planned..but then I had a bad day, ate some shit stuff I didn’t really want and weighed myself for the first time in 2 years (I think).

I just can’t..

More to come xx