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We Are Scared

Yup. We are scared to be imperfect in the yes of others.

We are so scared to be judged.

We are scared to fall down.

But why give up on ourselves?

Let’s reflect-

Why are you scared?



Optimist or Pessimist?

This topic for a blog post (optimist or pessimist) popped into my head last Thursday night as I was driving home from teaching BodyStep. I think it was because once again I was thinking about the new participants and how I was surprised that they actually enjoyed my class. Yes, I am a pessimist.




But I think I’m a strategical pessimist.

See I have a theory and maybe it’s a totally depressing theory but in high school and uni it particularly worked for me. Always expect the worst. Ha. Wow, that sounds horrible right.

But by expecting the worst I would 9 out of 10 times rise above and feel totally amazing when I did wayyyy better than what I expected. And to me that definitely trumps expecting to go well and then not- that really sucks.

I don’t know why I do it but I do. It’s probably not the healthiest mindset to have that’s for sure, and I’m guessing says a lot about how I see myself.

Nonetheless I always like to have everything on the table and thought it’d be an interesting topic of conversation. Of course I always love hearing your thoughts on stuff like this also.

However, thinking pessimistically (new word?) doesn’t always work like the above example. Sometimes it can actually put me into a panic of anxiety and stress, and negatively affect me and my experiences.



But that probably highlights a difference between a genuine pessimistic attitude and an ‘artificial’ one that I use just in case (for whatever self esteem issues), when maybe deep down I know things will be okay?

So what are you pessimist or optimist? Or maybe a realist. I’d say I hover around the pessimist and realist categories. My mum on the other hand is hung ho optimist! She says it’s the ‘pisces’ in her ha!