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WIAW [What I'm Eating Lately Edition]

I mentioned the other day that I wanted to share some AWESOME eats I’ve been enjoying lately. I’ve come a long way from my old restrictive self and I’m learning to love ALL the foods (lets say I’m a little proud of myself).

So in WIAW style lets talk about What I’m Eating Lately:WIAWbutton


(Obviously there’s more I’m eating so I either (a) forgot to photograph it…which is very likely or (b) ate it so fast, ain’t nobody got time to take a photo of their food).


Chocolate Buttercup from Brisbane’s (well Australia’s) first 24/7 clean eating, raw food cafe Liquefy. The first two I had were amazing and then someone dropped the ball on the last one. It’s awesome because it has protein powder, dates and peanut butter in it!


Well Naturally sent me some goodies to try, and oh my god. I LOVE. My favourite is the fruit & nut and creamy, only because I couldn’t eat much of the Dark Chocolate….whether that is a good or bad thing, I’ll let you decide.


I also had my mother- queen of all things chocolate try. She is not a dark choc fan at all so was not into that but like my Mother in law, Father in law and fiance, she found Creamy Milk to be her favourite. Let me give you the lowdown in dot point form:

  • Tastes like chocolate
  • Texture is different from chocolate- it’s softer, which didn’t bother me at all.
  • The pieces and block size is smaller, and I’m sure this is more exxy than your typical chocolate…but with good reason- better ingredients and better for you.
  • No artificial sweeteners or sugar so it is sweetened with stevia (no bitter aftertaste whatsoever either)
  • There are NOT a million freaky ingredients like some typical ‘healthier’ treats can have.
  • Unlike typical chocolate this actually satisfied my tastebuds and cravings- although I wanted to, I couldn’t eat much of it at a time (and even less of the dark choc). So for those of you who struggle to moderate I’d definitely give it a try.
  • Very low carbs! Listen, I’m a carb fan fo’sure but at night I try to reduce my carb intake as I eat more carbs during the day (around my training) so to be able to eat this chocolate post dinner was so rewarding. I’m just sad it’s gone :(


I had my first Acai bowl from Liquefy also (yes I have no idea how to pronounce Acai so that was embarrassing) and it was really refreshing- I loved the fruit, muesli, cacoa nibs and acai base!


I was also lucky to try out Harvest Box snacks and goodies. I’ll be honest and say that I typically veer away from purchasing these sorts of mixes because they don’t last long around here and then I end up consuming way more than I intended. BUT I knew I had to try out more because after travelling to Wagga Wagga,Harvest Box was my fall back guy when I needed healthy snacks whilst travelling (and most petrol stations stock them!).

I’m a stickler fror dried fruit and I loved the yogurt balls too so surprisingly the Strawberry Milkshake was a huge hit. The Power Mix had dark choc pieces, awesome assortment of nuts and seeds which satisfied my need for all the things.

On top of the snack packs they also sent me a Harvest Box that you can get delivered to your work or home. I love this concept because it portions it out for you and you can mix & match your flavours. I got these flavours:

  • Cape Tribulation- A refreshing mix of honey dew melon, macadamias, pepitas and cranberries. [This girl really liked!]
  • Totally USA- Cranberries, roast almonds and lightly salted peanuts. [I loved this one also]
  • Cherry Bomb- Cherries, dark chocolate, roast almonds & coconut slivers. [Probably my favourite- chocolate makes everything better right?]
  • Seville- Natural orange, dark chocolate & roast almonds [I ate this one last because I wasn't keen on the dried orange, and I was right. Love the other two components though].


I love this Almond & Chia spread by Naturals by Melrose. I find my spoon likes it too and takes extra spoonfuls even after the Pink Lady apple is gone…


I really wish a Sumo Salad would open up for dinner time. I LOVE their salads and find it’s the perfect healthy takeaway. My favourite is a lentil & tabouli, couscous & pumpkin, chicken & avocado leafy salad, and Moroccan vegetables with chickpeas.


Grill’d now offers low carb super buns (refer to above comment about my carb intake throughout day/night), which is made primarily from almond meal. I loved this and finally got to try it. I didn’t miss the bun at all because honestly- it’s all about that beef burger patty right. Plus I was treated to Zucchini fries! I didn’t expect the batter to be honest which makes me think what’s the point of ‘zucchini fries’ then…. but still tasty.


I was honestly stuffed after dinner but someone wanted to go to San Churro Chocolateria so I had to accompany this someone. I was so appalled at the $25 Fondue For Two that I tried to convince him to go elsewhere, but as stubborn as he is he stayed put. So I made sure he didn’t leave till it was all eaten- I had a bite of the churro and dipped my finger in the chocolate and whilst it was good I was still so blooming full (however, churros in general are overrated, I’d rather a donut!). I guess he got his money worth though after eating most of it…and feeling very sick after!


My always delicious but always ugly Protein Pancakes. Everyone always comments on how good they smell! Mmmmmm, this makes breakfast my favourite meal!

What have you been eating lately?!

How I Ate Healthily Whilst Travelling

Hello again!

Okay so today’s post recaps the antics of a few weekends ago. We (Simon, mum & I) were travelling to Wagga Wagga, via a flight to Sydney then a 5 hour drive for my brother’s army march out. Aka: He has passed initial base training…which is no easy feat.


The whole experience was great (my dad & stepmum met us down there) apart from ‘my bad’ when booking the hotel… haha. Anyways, I wanted to put all that into a post of how I managed to still eat the things I love and that makes my body feel good whilst travelling. Sometimes it was no biggie and other times it was a stretch.

Here’s the breakdown:

Be Prepared

I was super impressed at prepping work when I had zip lock bagged protein powders, oats, Natvia and pre purchased nuts and protein bars! Only to arrive at our hotel and not have a kitchen…(my bad no. 1), though I wouldn’t have the guts to cook food there probably (my bad no. 2) haha. So whilst all portioned and prepped they arrived home to be put back into the pantry (sans protein bars and nuts). Regardless of whether I used it I was prepared and I think that’s important.

Stock up & Eat 

I took any (well lots atleast) opportunity to eat or stock up on food. I am someone who needs to eat regularly- these muscles ain’t going to feed themselves. When I came across a petrol station that offered lots of trail mix, nuts, protein bars etc I stocked up. I was also insistent to mum and Simon that this girl needed to eat a proper lunch and not just snacks (don’t they know it though!). On top of that my water chugging (so hot!) and frequent bathroom trips made for convenient trips to the food aisle.

Oh I have to do a shout out to these protein bars I found at Coles:

the bar counter



The Bar Counter have an amazing range (wheat free, low carb, raw, high protein etc) and I was loving the chocolate brownie crunch and raspberry truffle in particular.

Choose the Best Option

Because I’m someone who needs a decent meal for lunch/dinner/brekky etc all the snackie type foods weren’t enough so sometimes I had to just make the best of a situation (who is this girl, right?!). For example, amidst the options I found myself consuming a ham and salad wrap which was surprisingly good.

I was actually pretty lucky once we arrived to Wagga Wagga because as we drove in I spotted a Sumo Salad which is really my one true food love. They have your usual salads but more than that they have this awesome salads using ingredients like kale, chickpeas, lentils, vegies, quinoa, brown rice, couscous etc that normal Bek just ain’t got no time for…

Enjoy your Food

I enjoyed all my food- and it wasn’t just because it was all salads and nuts. I had an amazing salted caramel and white chocolate scoop of gelato/ice-cream, a few too many handfuls of roasted honey covered macadamias (damn you mother- I knew there was a reason I don’t but these) and these supposedly, wanna-be, healthy giant muesli bars (childhood memories) that my dad had that I knew I HAD to get. But it was all worth it. (oh and add to the list extra sneaky sour cream & chive pringles that somehow ended in my hands and mouth…)

I apologise for the lack of photos, at that time blogging was a no go so I went on living without the photographic evidence ;) But be assured it was all delicious. I felt really good after the trip- I got plenty of the right stuff in and the perfect amount of other stuff too.

How do you stay healthy whilst travelling?