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Kale Krackers [aka: Kale Chips]

Happy Thursday peeps- can you believe it’s almost Friday? Whilst most things are fine and dandy I’m not okay with this heat. I’m tempted to upload a sweaty selfie #sweatyselfie (there’s such a thing right) but I will refrain from it incase you’re eating.


I’ve been quite the twitter-er (or tweeter is it?) lately, since I’ve felt the need to share some obviously very important info but no time to blog. So add ME on Twitter!..or errrr follow.

For those of you sans twitter let’s update ya.

I’m currently doing the whole ‘reduce’ your egg yolks thing to prove to my doctor that it’ll make no difference to my (heredity) high cholesterol (thanks mum). It’s not an easy task since I typically enjoy eating eggs for brekky and snacks. I’ve been changing up my breakkies to egg white oats but for the life of me I just can’t stomach the whole sweet thing for brekky.


I need some yummy savoury brekky ideas that’ll give me a good dose of protein and some carbs in there too- help!

Speaking of protein, I got super hungry after BodyStep, CX & training a client, but I needed to grab some vitamins. I found this Aussie Bodies Protein Fx bar and absolutely loved it…


legit felt like I was munching on a chocolate bar (without all the nasties). Ingredients list was lengthy but I felt it was a better option in a time of need haha.

After my sports massage today I made my way to the shops to grab some items and I found…


KALE. So what’s a typical healthy blogger to do?

Ahh make kale chips of course.


I was surprised by them actually. Here’s the lowdown on KALE CHIPS:

  • They are literally crunchy (I was expecting soggy messes)
  • Every now and again you get a bitter part, but you forget as you take the next bite/chip.
  • They remind me of prawn crackers…so much so that I’m tempted to call them Kale Krackers (with a K of course for alliteration purposes)
  • Do not go crazy with the salt shaker. I seemed to let my salt go wild and some are a bit overboard.
  • Salt is necessary. Garlic is not enough. Garlic + Salt or Garlic Salt will work though.
  • I just ate the entire batch- #sorrynotsorry
  • You will need to try this recipe!


Kale Krackers

(Yes these are the same as Kale Chips- but the name’s catchier right?)


  • Bunch of kale
  • 1/2-1 tbs of oil
  • Seasonings- salt is necessary but feel free to get experimental with other spices you like. I love garlic powder mmmm.


  1. Preheat a fan forced oven to 150 degrees celsius and line 2 baking trays (so to space the kale pieces out).
  2. Cut your Kale leaves off the stalk and cut the middle section so just the leafy edges/leaves are left.
  3. Massage leaves into oil and spread out on baking trays.
  4. Top with seasoning (start with a tsp and then adjust until desired amount. This will be dependent upon how many kale leaves you have also).
  5. Place in the oven and cook for 10-12 minutes. Rotate your pan around for even cooking around half way through.

Simple right? No flipping, no mess, no worries. It’s so short that even when you’re in a life or must-eat-all-the-pringles situation you could whip these up instead and be munching away in no time. Savoury cravings- satisfied.

Enjoy krunching on your kale krackers (yes, I went there).

  • What is your favourite savoury seasoning?

One Post, One (and a half) Week(s)!

Yep, the brackets were necessary.

Anyways, you know when you miss something..yep that’s me right now. I’ve wanted to get right into blogging on numerous occasions but things just popped up and I guess I chose to live rather than to write.

Ahh well, to make it up let me back track some stuff for you. Some of it (let’s be honest- all of it) may be totally random and have no purpose whatsoever.

For the past couple of days I’ve been entering in my food intake and exercise to see how I’m going. I want to make sure I’m on track and it was a good eye opener :)

I made super cute and delicious Easter nests using Natvia the other day! YUMYUM. (and healthy- bonus points)


I got a massage today after seeing the physio and podiatrist the last couple of weeks. I’m super tight again which explains all my shin/muscle issues again. The massage was painful (especially ITB) but felt great after, gosh how quick 30 minutes can fly ha.

Saw this gorgeous pink diamond, only 30k- your shout?


I tried a new protein bar and it was delish. It seems there’s more and more protein bars out there that are ticking all the right boxes


My chest is-a-hurting. I recently tucked my ego away and allowed myself to go slightly lighter on my chest so I could focus on lowering it in the right place. The result? The past two Thursdays I’ve had DOMS in the chest area. Oh and the tricep area too- it kills me but I love it ha.

I am officially a tea lover, I now know what everyone was on about ha. I have a lovely peppermint one I like to have before bed some nights and a delicious blueberry smelling one!



A new BodyStep, Les Mills top that I’m loving…although I find it gets quite low now and then in the bust region. Oh and I got it for a steal!


Monday this week KILLED me. I was suffering Post Weekend Depression hard out. I just wanted to run away and enjoy life with the boy. I guess it’s a sign of a good weekend?

Don’t you hate when this happens and your egg shell comes off in tiny bits and you massacre the egg..



I spent the Australia Day long weekend with the inlaws and there was birthday cake! (and we’re going back this weekend- can’t get enough!)


I just baked some of my ultimate fave banana bread…actually it’s the second time this week after I received another batch of Norbu. Mum requested a batch and so the bf…now I’ve got to get on to making some for the work crew.

(recycled photo, duh ha!)

Banana Bread

I just watched Because I Said So (with diane keaton, mandy moore etc) and loved it- I’d been itching to watch it this week so definitely feel satisfied…and yep that sounds weird ha…

….And now let’s get some food pics…

delicious homemade rice paper rolls with carrot, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, mushrooms, avo and chicken!


I knew you guys would appreciate my FIL’s pancake breakfast! AMAZING.


Messed up leftover beef meatballs with pumpkin and (more) cheese


A gross looking lunch of cherry tomatoes (home grown at in laws), tuna, cheese, mushrooms and sweet potato. I swear cheese makes everything look gross but taste amazing ha.


A similar lunch but minus the sweet potato and plus beans!IMG_6968

Yep, and I just realised these photos are so unexciting. I would take more but my memory is full and I can’t! Maybe time for someone to go through and clean some out?
Oh and I’m sure there’s more I wanted to share but am racking my brain. Hopefully I’ll check in tomorrow!
  • Are you a tea or coffee person?