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Thing You Didn’t Need To Know About Me

HAPPY Friday! And in particular, happy LONG WEEKEND to my fellow Aussies who will be celebrating Australia day this weekend :)

Don’t let the title of this post scare you, I ain’t getting all ‘TMI’ on you, but rather I thought I’d give you a little insight to Me. Because you know, as well as I do, that we’re all nosey individuals at heart :)

Things You Didn’t Need To Know About Me

I’m currently obsessed about cheese…on everything. Want to make something better? Add cheese.


My family has always had high cholesterol and after getting my results back yesterday I found out I do too- I’m doing another blood test to find out whether it’s the good or bad cholesterol boosting it up. It could be genetics, or it could be my egg crazy life. Either way, considering my age, exercise lifestyle and healthy diet- it don’t make sense!

All that cholesterol ;) oh and topped with No Added Sugar Tomato Sauce- seriously love that stuff and now I can’t stand normal.


I hate my partner falling asleep before me. And for some odd reason I become suddenly so overtired that I do nothing but bug him, which ends in him becoming awake and me then getting off to sleep ha.

Every time I speak to a GP I feel like I want to cry. I don’t know why ha…doctors make me nervy!

I lovelovelove barley! It’s so nutty and got this great chewy texture. Mhhmmm sign me up. If only it didn’t take light years to cook.

I got sad yesterday and I wanted to eat (as in ‘eat eat’). So badly. But I didn’t. I went to teach my classes and came back feeling SO much better.

I bought a onesie for a BodyAttack PJ Party Launch way back and I am now routinely wearing it to bed. Okay I know I said I wouldn’t be going the whole TMI route but- I wish they had a flap down below for easy toilet use, it’s too much work as is hahaha!


I totally took a gym selfie today and tried to do it oh so subtly.


I bug my partner about hurrying up to pop the question all the time. I know I’m only prolonging it but seriously- a girl can only take so much! (totally go the route of Jen Anniston in He’s Just Not That Into You).

Not sure if this one has popped up before but I hate wearing underwear- like bottoms and bra. I very happily sit around in (JUST) my lazy girl dress all day. And sometimes when I’m particularly lazy and have to get something from the shop 2 seconds from home, I go commando.

I wouldn’t say I’m over my natural peanut butter but I will say I finished my tub yesterday, with it being no big deal and still yet to be replaced (I’m thinking it’ll wait to Monday).

I’m considering buying organic meat (beef mince for starters) and free range eggs again. We were on free range but stopped because I was eating so many it added a bit to the bill. What’s everyones thoughts on organic meats and free range eggs?
What’s something I don’t need to know about YOU?

Thumbs Up For New Balance

Hey beautiful readers,

I know, where have I been since writing my 2014 Resolutions and Goals? Well living them, duh ;) Actually a bit has happened…which I will tell you about in due time. But this ain’t no catch up post.

This is about these shoes.



And their fabulousness.

Now, I’ve only worn them say for a few weeks and only for about 10 or so high impact cardio classes but my goodness I already love them. And even though my asics are totally eyeballing me right now whilst I say this, I think they may even be better than my old Asics. Don’t get me wrong, Asics are hot and I love them, but the new compressioning and the way they’ve changed them lately has not been sitting well with my feet- even with orthotics.

But my New Balance well I’ve (touch wood) got no inner muscle/shin pain AT ALL. Like I can even push on them and they don’t hurt. This makes teaching a bazillion BodyStep & BodyAttack classes SO much easier. I’ve even bragged to all my classes about how good they are.

Even better? I got them on sale for half the price I typically pay for my shoes (and even not on sale they were cheaper).

But anyways let me introduce the shoe…


I am wearing the New Balance 890 V3. I will admit the numbers are confusing but after a quick google and a super helpful chat with a lovely man on the New Balance hotline I knew which shoes were going to be right for my neutral feet. Anyways, back to the shoes..

They are quite lightweight, which I’m not use to but honestly haven’t noticed any different except when I pick them up to put them on.

Because the material is a bit lighter they don’t feel as hot and suffocating on my feet…which my feet enjoy ;)

The colour was very iffy for me at the beginning. I expected pink since the picture seemed pink, and whilst my bf assures me they are (ha) they seem more like a red pink crossover. But they are bright and gorgeous so I shall make do, plus they’ve been matching my fluro pink nails I’ve been rocking lately.

Not only has my experience with the shoes been great but the customer service also! My bf had ordered the pair a few weeks before Christmas to ensure they would get here and they did…except it was the wrong shoes haha. After he made a call to NB they were very apologetic and made it their focus to have the shoes shipped out that day and here by Christmas, and they made it 2 days before! The fact that she wasn’t worried about the other pair of shoes shows NB’s want for happy customers.

I can honestly say, I think I’m converted..

  • When was the last time you were converted from your ‘usual’?


I was not paid for this post, I just love spreading great bargains and this is one of them!