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What a Group Fitness Instructor Thinks Whilst Instructing

Hey! What a mouthful right? But I had a point to make. The other night, last night to be precise, I was thinking ‘thoughts of a group fitness instructor’ would be a great topic for a post.

As you know I absolutely LOVE teaching Group Fitness and it’s a huge passion of mine- especially as a predominant Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor, so these are some of the things I’m thinking whilst on stage doing my thang (it’s all in good fun so please don’t be offended at any remarks).

Thoughts of a Group Fitness Instructor:

Good turn out today!

Oh hey, that’s that lady/guy I haven’t seen for a while….gosh what’s their name.

Why are they not smiling -.-

Am I annoying her? Does she even like me?

Damn it’s hot!

Ahh excuse me- I said watch the first one, not come with me (hahah!)

Okay, self choreographing I see…

Oh no the fans on me- go away!

I probably should stop talking now, right?

Oh crap, did he/she hurt themselves?

Oh gosh, do I need to pee…must not think of peeing.

Is that music loud enough…is it too loud?

Can they even hear what I’m saying?

Oh bugger my hairs going everywhere must retie when I get a second

What’s next, what’s next, what’s next

Oh wow, that was really off key…maybe I shouldn’t sing

Did I just have a blowout?

Small class today :( What did I do wrong?

Soooooo hungry

I’ve got to remember to change this track next time

Is my technique perfect?

Goddamn top keeps falling down, I hope they don’t think I wore this top for that reason

Check out that technique

Are they laughing at me or with me…or at themselves?

Why did she leave early…is she not having fun? What did I do wrong?

Oh my legs hurt….must keep pushing

I love teaching these members!

I’m so lucky to be doing what I love

That’s a few from me- what about you other instructors out there?

If you’re a Group Fitness Instructor (or PT) what are some of the thoughts that go through your mind during a class?

[A Quick Recap] Filex & Les Mills Super Workshop


Here’s my recap of Filex, AKA: The Australian Health & Fitness Expo, and the Les Mills Super Saturday & Sunday #lmapsuper

I had an absolutely amazing weekend and loved every second of it. Check out what I got up to-


A quick breakfast post 5:55am flight- yum yum. Ps. Butter on wholemeal toast- rocks. I didnt need every slice of toast but couldn’t help taking a few extra bites ;)


We arrived at our hotel- which was so amaze. The Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens blew our expectations out of the water- everyone was super sweet and helpful, and the room was flashy ;) The huge king size bed felt lush.





The Incredible Mark Nu’u (Program Director for BS- aka: The big boss)


The amazing Lisa Osbourne (creative director for BS & head program director for BA)

As soon as we got to Melbourne and checked in, I scooted off to the BodyStep class at the convention centre (where I saw my mentor), with all the amazing International & LMAP Presenters. I’m such a Les Mills groupie that I just had to get photos. Oh and Les Mills 96 is SO good.


Then it was CXWORX time and the CX instructors are so inspirational- it’s a tough release!

Then it was time to check out the Australian Fitness & Health Expo- I was pretty much in heaven ;)


What a find! Thanks Well, Naturally. There Chocolate Orange is also to die for and reminds me so much of Jaffas (and I’m not typically an orange + choc fan!)


Totally the most indulgent tasting protein bars- Titan bars. Whilst I probably wouldn’t treat them as an everyday snack- they’d be a perfect dessert substitute ;) My favourite is the Vanilla Creme- and the chocolate is a close second. Vanilla creme= snickers, chocolate= mars bar. Surprisingly there was a pb one also but it was okay.


I spotted my friends from Slim Secrets. Totally taste tested more than a couple of times.


Then the bf had a hover challenge hahah!

The actual best vending machine


After lots of inspiration and tastings we headed back to the room, where someone needed a 2 hr nap…


After his nap it was dinner time…


things got hot


and I got stuffed to the brim with this amazing and HUGE calzone filled with ham, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese…oh and cheese. Did I say cheese?


After dinner we needed to walk it off so we went for a little exploration through the Melbourne Crowne Casino and can I just say this place is amazing. There was like water fountains and all these great things.



After a huge sleep we went to the Victoria St Markets where I got a tasty Egg, Mushroom and Spinach tart, which went unphotographed. This fueled me up for a BodyAttack class which was the bees knees. I swear this is the reason I flied to Melbourne- just for these classes.

It was such an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to go back again next year.

Standout Moments:

  • Best eat(s) at Filex: Well, Naturally choccies & protein bars, & Titan Protein Bars
  • Fave moment: Doing the BodyStep & BodyAttack classes
  • Biggest Inspiration: Lisa Osbourne & this amazing lean male doing Crossfit that would do pull ups and all these amazing things on the bars that made it look crazy easy.
  • Greatest challenge: Getting up at 4:45am…wah ha.
  • Best meal: The Calzone from an Italian Restaurant.
  • Biggest annoyance: a bf who can’t keep up haha and needs naps OR not being able to find a good froyo place- so someone had to go without :(

What is your favourite type of expo?