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Double Date With The Family

Hey guys!

How was your weekend? My weekend went exactly to plan (well almost) and I loved every moment of it! Thats not to say that I didn’t enjoy the down time I got this afternoon though.

You’ve already seen my crazy shots from the Purple MegaMix Day (if not click the link!) and things continued looking up Saturday night.

The MIL, my mum, Simon and I went on a cute little mother-child dinner date. After much begging we finally took them to our favourite Asian spot- Wagaya.

Here’s some shots from the huge smorgasbord of food we had. I had a taste of the chicken curry fried rice and a bite of the pancake but felt the rice was too bland and the pancake too saucy; so I stuck to my tried and true Edamame and our favourite Beef Curry Hot Pot (vegies + tofu for me as usual) with ramen noodles, which I didn’t photograph because I’m sure you’ve seen them enough, right? ;) So here’s the pics of the food you haven’t seen from Wagaya yet.

A terribly blurry photo of cambert cheese fry which I refused to taste- cheese is only suppose to be melted I say.

photo 1-94

Pork Pancake (too much soy sauce and aioli tasting sauce for me)

photo 3-64

Chicken Curry Fried Rice, which I thought was quite bland but everyone else loved- I think I might have gotten just a bland piece. Also I think my expectations of the awaiting hot pot were just too high ;)photo 4-46

After dinner we realised whilst in the valley we were a ten minute walk to Freestyle. Simon and I haven’t been there in forever but a while back (to be honest it was when I was restricting badly and would eat one dessert item on a Saturday night) we went there a few times, and from what I remember it was a foodgasm- and apparently I was right ;)

As per my suggestion (I know my food) mum and MIL got my two favourite dishes. The bf went his flourless chocolate cake route which I never really enjoyed.

I didn’t get anything because I was stuffed and to be honest knew that in my overtired state eating sugar would be a one way ticket to overeating town, possibly with a stop off at sugar rush becomes addiction lane. Plus I was stuffed to the brim from dinner. (I had expected to come home and get into my dark chocolate, but this girl was going nowhere but bed by that time.)

So prepare yourself…because this just might get you craving ;)

White Chocolate Raspberry Brioche Dumplings
3 Dumplings served with berries, vanilla bean ice cream & your choice of
white/dark chocolate dipping sauce

photo 1-95

A Little Bit of Queensland
macadamia white chocolate slice with caramel sauce &
white-chocolate-caramel-macadamia ice creamphoto 3-65

Warm Flourless Chocolate Cake
with chocolate sauce, mixed berries, raspberry sorbet & chocolate sail

photo 2-93

It was a later night than I expected but I still woke up this morning ready to launch BodyAttack at another gym.

photo 4-47

Not to outdone by the amazing Protein Powder Pancakes I had afterwards.

photo 5-38

Then it was groceries, avocado + vegemite on toast and finally finishing Gossip Girl Season 6! And wow- that was an amazing finale.

  • Do you always order dessert if others are?
  • Do you prefer lots of little bits of food or one main dish?

St Patrick’s Day + Photos

Hey guys! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Like my American friend Merry pointed out, St Patty’s day isn’t celebrated that much around here and to be honest I usually forget that it’s coming around…which is what happened this year. But I am wearing a green dress at the moment if that counts? ;)

Anyways here’s some shots from my weekend, hope you enjoy.

Too tart for my liking…

photo 2-85

Korean BBQ- restaurant review to come

photo 3-60

We had high hopes but it was only so so.

photo 4-45High expectations and high results..recipe to come tomorrow morning. Just in time for breakfast ;)

photo 5-37

photo 1-86

Told you Tim Tam’s are big over here ;)

photo 1-87

Amazing dipping sauce, some variation of sweet chilli I think.

photo 2-84

I wish there were more photos! We’ve been out to Korean BBQ for date night dinner, followed by a movie (I had a delicious raw food bar that I’ll share asap). I had a fab workout that’s left my upper back and shoulders tender, we’ve been baking, grocery shopping, outfit purchasing (for a group fitness launch) and GG season 6 watching. We’ve still got to walk dogs and prepare our awesome dinner. Nachos for him, Jacket Potato for me! Cannot wait.

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • What would be the iconic biscuit representing where you live?