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Back To The Present

With all the Les Mills Ultimate Super Workshop and Sydney Food Recaps, I think I better come back to the present for a bit. That is..until tomorrow morning ;)

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Although it has been so fun reliving the amazing weekend and putting it all together- it’s like having a diary that everyone reads!

But anyways, how are you this fine Tuesday?

Tuesday was a bit different for me. I started with my usual weight workout (I’m working on squat form- since I’m quad dominant trying to activate my hammys and glutes more so just sticking to body weight) and a great CX class before I high tailed it to the doctors for my therapist appointment. With Thursday being Anzac day, we had to reshuffle. After a great sess it was off to the beautician for some refreshing and home for a tuna salad lunch.

I’ve been doing some last minute stuff for a very special man’s birthday tomorrow! My amazing and sexy boyfriend is turning 21 and boy do I have a surprise for him, and you for that matter. I can’t spill anything just yet just incase he gets sneaky- but you’ll know all about it Thursday night.

My plans for the rest of the day include blog stuff and actually relaxing. My therapist has said I’ve got to work on finding time to relax again as all the stress is starting to get to me again, which could be a continual cause of my emotional eating. I’ve got strict instructions to go outside and sit in the sun, and I think that sounds perfect with a book for company.

I’m currently slowly making my way through Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller. Now because it’s not a good book just because I’ve been too busy to get to it lately.


  • What book are you reading at the moment?
  • Do you prefer preparing for your birthday or someone else’s?

Jodi’s Let Me Down This Time

I hate not being able to relax till 4:30pm, and then it’s not even considered relaxing when I’ve got mountains of study to do.

Have I mentioned uni sucks?

But something that DOESN’T suck in the slightest…biting into your egg that you boiled yesterday (organising food keeps it healthy peeps!) and it still having a runny yolk! #winning

I woke up a little earlier than usual to get in a full body strength workout before uni. And I’ve got to say that I’m enjoying the decrease in reps (read why here- jeans issue). It’s so much less time consuming. Then it was home for a quick breakfast (I’m looking forward to those leisurely breakfasts!) and off to the place of hell uni.

I’m thinking I’ll take a bit more time to de-load and relax before getting back into study. Speaking of relaxing, I’ve finally finished my most recent read: Songs of the Humpback Whale, which means it’s review time!

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Songs of the Humpback Whale Book Review- Spoiler Alert!

Let’s start off by saying that this would be my least favourite Jodi Picoult novel so far. I really couldn’t warm to any of the characters apart from Sam and Rebecca…coincidence? Ha.

It wasn’t your usual court scene type of book like many of her others. It’s almost like she wrote according to a different formula.

Nothing connected for me. Joley at times almost seemed like he had an unnerving sort of love for his sister. Hadley was in love with a fifteen year old (to which Jodi often described her as so young). Oliver was a wank. Jane was okay but annoyed me.

I really don’t like how the ending was revealed at the beginning. It would have been fine if there was a twist or something that led to the ending that would unfold but I felt like that was a big killjoy- which is probably why it took me so long to finish this one, considering the size of the book. At times I also felt like I had already read certain things, but this was probably because so many (too many) people were telling the story throughout.

I guess the issue was that I just didn’t get it.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, even though I love Jodi’s books. Which is a shame because I had loved everyone leading up to this one.

Maybe it’s my fault though, maybe I missed the point? If anyone’s read it please open my eyes to the brilliance of this book, that all of Jodi’s other books (at least that I’ve read) have contained.

If you’re interested in past reviews you’ll find the book and link below:

Tell me an experience where you’ve just missed the point? This happens way too frequently for me to pinpoint one, but usually it’s pretty entertaining when it happens haha.