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Confession: I had the thought to post 3 times but didn’t lately because I simply wanted to live.

This photo was for last weekend’s White Christmas Group Fitness Launch at our gym. S was amazing helping out the whole day, such a lucky woman I am.

And the next three photos are pre-Christmas Party at S’s work. Loved my dress! Plus it’s the first time I did curls through my hair :D (ignore messy room)
IMG_9985 IMG_9986 IMG_9987

Confession: I have this thing for block cheese or block cheese that has been grated. I don’t know what it is but I prefer it so much more!

Confession: I have little motivation to prepare lunches, and I usually delay eating lunch simply because I can’t be assed making something. Um who is this hopeless person? So sometimes I’ll enjoy brown rice thins topped with ham, cheese and tomato…or vitabrix with milk…or whilst at school banana & pb (although the last one isn’t laziness but rather convenience, as sometimes I won’t even have time to eat so banana & pb is a quick on the run, shove in your mouth thing).

Confession: When in the comfort of my own home I prefer the whole ‘no underwear thing’. Yes, TMI.

Confession: I had awesome froyo the other night mmmmm


Confession: I hate paying my mobile bill until the last second…no idea why…maybe because it’s always $30 over what it should be. Damn Facebook using up my net.

Confession: I don’t always practise what I preach.

Confession: I feel so BEHIND in buying Christmas presents this year…I have some for my partner but got a lot of shopping to do ;)

Confession: I have an addiction to Rockwear and sometimes have to literally remove myself from the shop to not buy anything everytime I go there.


Confession: I am a huge fan of the Kardashian bunch- especially all their reality shows and spin offs. I think they’re all amazing and I really wish I could be friends with all of them haha. LAME but #sorrynotsorry

Confession: I hate drinking water from a cup and would prefer any day one of my trust water bottles.


Confession: I am going to New Zealand (again) next year with my fiance, and we are going to explore Auckland & Queenstown whilst I attend the filming for BodyStep 100!!!!!!!! Since HE is a big Lord of the Rings & Hobbit fan we will also be partaking in all that kind of stuff too. We’re heading end of Jan/beginning of Feb so I can’t wait for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

What’s your confession?

What a Group Fitness Instructor Thinks Whilst Instructing

Hey! What a mouthful right? But I had a point to make. The other night, last night to be precise, I was thinking ‘thoughts of a group fitness instructor’ would be a great topic for a post.

As you know I absolutely LOVE teaching Group Fitness and it’s a huge passion of mine- especially as a predominant Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor, so these are some of the things I’m thinking whilst on stage doing my thang (it’s all in good fun so please don’t be offended at any remarks).

Thoughts of a Group Fitness Instructor:

Good turn out today!

Oh hey, that’s that lady/guy I haven’t seen for a while….gosh what’s their name.

Why are they not smiling -.-

Am I annoying her? Does she even like me?

Damn it’s hot!

Ahh excuse me- I said watch the first one, not come with me (hahah!)

Okay, self choreographing I see…

Oh no the fans on me- go away!

I probably should stop talking now, right?

Oh crap, did he/she hurt themselves?

Oh gosh, do I need to pee…must not think of peeing.

Is that music loud enough…is it too loud?

Can they even hear what I’m saying?

Oh bugger my hairs going everywhere must retie when I get a second

What’s next, what’s next, what’s next

Oh wow, that was really off key…maybe I shouldn’t sing

Did I just have a blowout?

Small class today :( What did I do wrong?

Soooooo hungry

I’ve got to remember to change this track next time

Is my technique perfect?

Goddamn top keeps falling down, I hope they don’t think I wore this top for that reason

Check out that technique

Are they laughing at me or with me…or at themselves?

Why did she leave early…is she not having fun? What did I do wrong?

Oh my legs hurt….must keep pushing

I love teaching these members!

I’m so lucky to be doing what I love

That’s a few from me- what about you other instructors out there?

If you’re a Group Fitness Instructor (or PT) what are some of the thoughts that go through your mind during a class?