Why I Won’t Be a Low Carber

Yup. I did something desperate to shed some weight. I did it because I was being educated and I guess even a little pressured in a way by an individual who did it and does it and it’s working great for him/her. This person knows their stuff too- research, evidence…big words and everything!

Surely it must work for me though right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. This is why I’ll never be a low carber

I get hungry. I increased my fats and my protein- but I still wounded up hungry.

Hungry Bek (with a big dash of anxiety in there) means there’s an increased chance I’ll binge. And binge I did. My longest time on the low carb band wagon was 2 weeks- then the need for carbs increased and I just went balls to the wall.

I do too much exercise to go low carb. I can’t reduce 80% of the exercise I do as it’s for work and I don’t want to give up the other 20% I do via weight training. I love getting strong and lifting heavy.

I miss my vitabrix and sweet potato…bread? Not so much aye…

I feel myself slowly slipping back into bad habits and obsessive thoughts.

I found myself weighing up whether or not certain vegies were worth their carb content- ahhhh what?!

I found myself accomplishing low carb counts and subsequently low calorie counts, and felt the rush to get lower and lower.

Whilst it was obviously not the right nutritional choice for me, it was a great learning curve. I found myself less dependant upon carbs to be full and more likely to embrace vegetables. I also feel no special pull towards bread anymore. Bread, schmead I say haha. However, I know my body needs a certain amount of carbs (ie. more than what I was doing during that trial time) to perform and function optimally. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board ;)

Bek xx


  1. Michelle says:

    Welcome back lady :)

    I’m sorry to hear you had that negative experience – it sounds like your body was really depleted of glycogen and all of that good stuff that comes with carbohydrates. I’m sure you need to keep the tank full with all the exercise you do.

    One of my favourite bloggers just did a WIAW on loving carbs http://www.thereallife-rd.com/2014/03/hurrah-for-carbs.html?m=1. Love her healthy approach – she’s a runner and RD too.

    X Michelle

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