Ahhh hey- remember me? Yup, I guess it’s just a reminder that blogging is not my life nor my job so sometimes I don’t blog…even when I really want to, but sometimes sitting on that couch and spending time with my love is the better option ;)

You know what I would like though? I would like to be able to think a blog post in my head and then just have that transferred to blog post form for all of you to read- I literally wrote a blog post in my head last night and it was quality stuff. I’m sure technology will catch up with my ambitions soon enough.

ANYWAYS, lately..

Heard of SkinnyMe Tea?


Or maybe you’re new to the latest fad of ‘teatoxes’ [tea + detox]. Well I was sent some products to try out. And to be honest I hated the whole concept of laxatives being used to lose weight- sounded a bit disordered to me. But that’s what I was being fed via my facebook page by females obviously insecure with their weight. I had judged something ignorantly without entirely knowing anything about it. So I got researching- no where on the SMT website did it speak of restriction. Rather it was all about giving you a kickstart with your health and fitness regime- and hay to be honest some people need that kick up the butt, and it seems for some that SkinnyMe Tea does exactly that! It’s inspirational to see the products help adjust so many people’s lives- get rid of the nasty food, start moving more and living a generally healthier lifestyle.


Did it work for me? Well not entirely to be honest. The first couple of Colon Cleanse teas worked, aka: I went to the bathroom more often and felt as if it was wiping out my insides ha- although it was never dramatic like I’ve heard some girls experience. And then all of a sudden the CC teas did nothing for me really. I already exercise a ton and eat really well- maybe that’s why? However, as the lovely lady from SMT let me know- just because I wasn’t experiencing the physical must-constantly-be-near-toilet sensation that others experienced, doesn’t mean it wasn’t working.I will say though that the Loose Leaf tea was quite nice (compared to the CC which tasted horrible- sorry to say), although all the floating stuff…I just couldn’t do it- I had to end up draining it. If these SkinnyMe Teatoxes are what YOU need to start (yes start- not stay on forever) being a healthier you, then I’m all for it. Ensuring though, that you’re replenishing with plenty of water and vitamins & minerals via healthy wholesome foods. **I am not endorsing this product and being provided the products did not influence my opinion. I would also not recommend this to someone who has an abusive relationship with food and/or disordered eating- you’re focus should be elsewhere.**

My sciatica is killing me, thanks to one hip sitting lower than the other. It hasn’t been this bad for years and I’m not sure what aggravated it. It’s a trip to the Chiro for me though!

I’m dressing up as a clown tomorrow for a special event at my gym!


Check these out, yup egg-less protein pancakes. Recipe coming at ya..(soon)


Current fave combo…


natural pb + norbu. Win.

I painted my nails and toenails (finally!) and had to capture their perfectness before they inevitable get chipped or scratched off (yes it has happened already during my cleaning raid today!)


  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever dressed up as?
  • Would you do a detox?


  1. I wouldn’t do a detox like this personally, just because I think it’s a load of promotional rubbish – and I hate that people think they “need” these things to lose weight. It’s just like lemon detox and all those other things.

    Have you tried Bowen therapy? Or seen an osteopath? My hips were out of alignment because of my shoulder injury (which has always thrown the entire right side of my body out as it’s a birth injury) and my Bowen therapist realigned my hips and it totally fixed all my issues. I stopped having Bowen for about 18 mths as I just didn’t need it and went back recently with my iron/fatigue issues and my hips were only 2mm out of alignment – so it does go back a little if you’re not using your body right, but it’s a great help!

  2. Haha the gym skirt looks pretty awesome :D
    And love the nail colour!
    Um detox I think is bad for you if it is ‘all juice’ or something – it seems unhealthy!

    Choc Chip Uru
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  3. Evelyn Cale says:

    Ugggh this made me have second thoughts on detoxifying my husband through “juicing.” He is suffering from gout for a couple of months now due to excess weight and just recently he took this test and we figured that he has a throat airway obstruction as well (which causes his LOUD snoring), the pharmacist from the drugstore verified this when he took the test in the pharmacy. His meds for gout really doesn’t help anymore so we need to have a back up diet plan. The snoring was reduced with the use of a mouth guard, though. But I’m sure it will really be treated when backed up with a healthy lifestyle. Our friends suggested that he starts a juicing diet, pure juice (no solids) for the first three days to flush out toxins and gradually include solids after the three day juicing plan. I am planning to buy a juicer and now I’m having second thoughts. Do you really think its a bad idea, Choc Chip Uru??

  4. Patrick says:

    The weirdest thing I ever wore was a farmer costume complete with hat. Btw, I agree with Choc Chip Uru that your skirt looks great.

    As for the detox tea, I wouldn’t mind trying it out. You just need to check the ingredients and try not to get dependent on it.

    Patrick recently posted…What Does Detox Tea Do?My Profile

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