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Hello there!

I hope you’re well on this fine and oh so hot Tuesday- we around Australia are experiencing our second heatwave for the year…and it’s times like these that I look forward to going to an air conditioned job later today :P

Anyways, I’m not actually supposed to be sitting on my bum typing this but I had a blood test this morning to check up on a few things (FYI: The lady was the nicest ever and it was the least painful one I’ve had since she picked a side vein- yep I’ve got great veins she said…should be a model and all that).


Anyways, I’m not a routine blood tester- getter so I was assuming I’d be fine to go ahead and do my lower body workout afterwards (with a quick breakfast in between as I had to fast for my blood test)…but ahh apparently not. I even went as far to say “Now apart from the bruising can anything bad happen..” and she pretended not to hear that :P So I got the nono to lift and now I don’t know what to do with myself for the morning ha..

I’ve had a tasty breakfast and read up on some blogs, plus did some of my own searching for particular articles. Can I seriously ask if any other unmarried or married women out there love reading about engagement rings, proposals and all that mush? I think because my time is coming nearer I’ve sort of become slightly more obsessed (obsessed is not quite the right word but can’t think of anything else) but I just love it and have enjoyed reading engagement stories and admiring engagement rings from many of my fave bloggers!

I cannot believe how extravagant and thoughtful some of them are, and I know if Simon were to do something like that I’d immediately catch on. Ha. And he doesn’t want that :P

Anyways, I’ve got work and then a BodyStep class tonight, to which the lady said it should be fine to do (although she would prefer I get a sub..but can’t at this late notice). I think I’ll continue googling my dirty little secret (ha!) and enjoy the morning….oh have a look at this post from Nourishing the Soul- very interesting!

  • Do you enjoy looking at engagement/wedding related posts (including proposals, weddings, rings etc)?

Ps. For those interested, this is the style of ring I love..however this is not THE ring that I found at the store…doesn’t feel right sharing it because it is on my finger haha..the lady was nice enough to let me try it on.

Princess cut diamond in the centre with diamonds around the outside. The band has to be not too thin and the diamonds need to be slightly smaller in the band so to make a frame slightly. The middle diamond needs to be big enough so it doesn’t blend into the band and stands out. ;)




  1. It’s actually REALLY cold here in sydney today (says the cold bug so it’s probably not REALLY cold :P).

    I have to get a blood test tomorrow (a fasted one, which means this low blood pressure/sugar/anaemic gal will likely faint – womp womp) so I’m hoping I have as good of a time as you! The last time I had a blood test I ended up with a massive egg on my arm as she wiggled the needle (EEK!) so it can’t be worse than that.

    Unfortunately I am a routine blood tester so I definitely get the no exercising deal. I thought it was rubbish and went against their advice once and paid the price – it just leaves you feeling extra run down and bleh.
    Kristy @ Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Healthy Chocolate Crackle SliceMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha, maybe you should have given me some of your cold weather and I’ll swap ya for some hot ;)
      Oh no! My blood test was easy peasy- I hope yours was okay. Oh true! I will keep that in mind ;)

  2. Now is the time to obsess about your ideal ring and wedding!!! I once bought bridal magazines before I was even engaged! Realistically, it’s a short time in your life that you can sit back and be excited for all that is to com, so enjoy. Soon enough, you’ll be an old married woman like yours truly ;)
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted…My Paleo Week: A ReflectionMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha, well mum and the bf are like stop obsessing about it- so I’m trying to shove down all those things and it makes it worse ha. I need like an engagement anonymous meeting ha- nah it’s not quite that bad :P Haven’t gone as far as to buy magazines yet though!

  3. Blood test always give me the heebie Jeebies! I can understand them saying you can’t lift after the test but I also understand wondering what else to do instead :)

    I love your choice of ring it is very pretty. I can’t say I’ve read many engagement stories but there was one blogger who I followed for ages Sarah from Making Thyme for Health who got engaged and reading her story was so wonderful.
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted…2014 Goals & a giveawayMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      The lady was actually awesome and it didn’t hurt at all- I want to go back to her again haha.
      Ohhh! I’ll have to read hers too, thanks I love it!

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