Should People With Eating Disorders Try To Lose Weight?


So the topic for today: Should People With Eating Disorders Try To Lose Weight?

Now this stems from my own personal circumstances that are currently happening- I weighed myself…oh so much drama, and then I explained a little more (in a less dramatic way) and mentioned somewhere in there that’d I’d like to lose 7ish kgs. Some of you may be worried, relieved (hay it could happen), against it or totally for it etc. Let me say I’m being rational with the ultimate goal number here- rewind many many months and I was quite a bit less than that, but then again I was without my beloved lifting and muscle mass too I guess.



Lift them heavy things

Anyways, this post obviously should not be taken as medical advice or the say all and end all. It’s really just me rambling my thoughts. It’s also going to be quite subjective because I think if you’re dealing with an ED right now, as in- you’re in the heat of it, I think that’s your number one focus. Even if you’ve just jumped on the recovery bandwagon I’m going to say focus on your mental health and whatever physical health that may or may not need adjusting can be done so later. I guess I’m aiming it at people whose ED is a hazy past (like honestly, I remember so little from that time, although there still are some very vivid memories), who have been working on ME (well you) and all the mental stuff that goes along with it. For instance, let’s say for argument sake someone in a similar situation to me ;) [although everyone's situations will be very different in a way].

I’ve worked very hard for recovery. I will always have food issues, but I don’t reckon I’ll always have a full blown ED. I’ve seen a therapist, done the time and put in the effort, revamped my eating (aka: eaten a whole lot more), dealt with binges, overcame binges, relaxed and ate something oh so yummy etc etc.

And now, after weighing myself I feel like I need to lose some weight. Now, even before that I was slightly uncomfortable in my body. Clothes didn’t fit ideally and I felt slightly bigger than I was used to. The scale number was sort of a kick in the bum- saying: either commit or don’t but choose something.

A very trusted and dear friend of mine seems a bit worried, saying that I am happy with my body so why let the number get to me. And I think that’s a reallyreally important point. YES, I am happy with my body most of the time (actually AT PEACE with my body is a much better term I think) and I think that’s why it’s okay that I take a different turn on my health and fitness journey. I’m not doing it because I hate myself nor am I doing it so I’ll be happier. I am doing it because I want to, I guess?

I think that’s a really important point- my mentality is so so different. And I think if someone with a past record of ED has a big shift in mentality then I think it’s okay. That’s not to say I won’t be treading lightly. Very minimal alterations have been made and I am taking it slow, and keeping an eye on myself. I’m sure it’d be easy to slip into old patterns during a brief moment of weakness but that’s why I will be diligent with myself.

I’m also dealing with the whole ‘I weighed myself’ really well. Weighing myself was like the top goal I had in therapy, it was pretty much the thing that gave me the most anxiety. Whilst the number isn’t my favourite I don’t hate myself for it. I do care, but not enough that it’s ruined anything in my life. I sort of feel like a whole heap of scale anxiety has just been released to the sky. [side note: I'm going to the Dr Thursday and there is no way I will let him weigh me and see the scale- he has little compassion and will probably make the situation slightly worse].

Anyways, what’s your thoughts:

Should people with Eating Disorders Try To Lose Weight?


  1. Eli says:

    I think we all need to remove this feeling that we have to lose weight. We need to focus on being happy and healthy and feeling full of energy and having a full and happy life instead of constantly working on trying to achieve the perfect body. It doesn’t exist, so forget about it. Move because it makes you feel good. Eat because it makes you feel good. Do things that make you happy.
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    • BekatCrave says:

      Fair enough- I’m just trying to get back to my balance point and tune/feed my body to reach its’ comfortable place.
      I definitely agree with everything you have to say though! :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Bek,

    I think you’re handing this really maturely. I guess you could ask yourself, in aiming to lose some weight what else would you lose….? Peace of mind, gains made with intuitive eating, free time…? Just some possibilities. 7kilograms is a lot, especially for someone who teaches regularly, so I wonder if losing so much might affect your stamina or performance.

    Also, since you work out so regularly, it seems like you would need to cut back or change your eating in some way to work towards your goal. What would this look like? Smaller portions, calorie counting? What is your instinct telling when you consider what measures you would take to lose weight?

    Ultimately only you can make the decision. Im sure whatever you choose it will be a learning experience in your journey.

    Thanks for sharing,
    X Michelle

    PS I would get yourself a good understanding female doctor ASAP!

    • BekatCrave says:

      Well, it’s actually not really taken from anything yet- actually I’m enjoying some different types of carbs and it’s been a really good thing to venture from bread all the time. So far stamina and performance doesn’t seem to have suffer BUT in saying that my stress fracture issues are making it down right hard all the time anyways.

      Thanks lovely- yes something new for me to try. I’m excited :)

      Haha, everytime I see my male doctor I almost want to cry because I feel emotional around him for some reason. It’s hard to change though because I’ve been with him since forever and he knows all my history and family etc.

  3. Kloe says:

    Hey Bek,

    I’ve totally been exactly where you are – haven’t weighed myself in ages, it terrifies me, but when you finally do.. the number shocks you, and instinct is to lose weight.

    It’s sometimes so difficult to differentiate what is a disordered thought, or what is rational, you know? I think it really does come down to how YOU feel in your body… if you still feel really uncomfortable, and want to lose some, i reckon just be really cautious with it.. which i can tell you are!

    Best of luck lovely. I’ve just come back from a holiday in Europe and feel a bit the same!

    Kloe x
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    • BekatCrave says:

      I do feel good and I haven’t been dramatic at all- the number is a huge shock but I know I can’t and won’t go back to what weight I was, nor will I go back to that hell. Hoping I can do it the sanest way possible ha. Miss ya xx

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