Is This a Mistake?

So I had a post planned..but then I had a bad day, ate some shit stuff I didn’t really want and weighed myself for the first time in 2 years (I think).

I just can’t..

More to come xx


  1. Michelle says:

    Oh sweets, as someone who has read your blog for a while now (and some archived posts with linked recipes) can I just say how much HEALTHIER your posts are now than two years ago. Even just the past 12 months! I’m sure scanning your archives will show you this too. That’s something that can’t be weighed! Other things that might have increased in the past two years and can’t be weighed:
    (1) Peace of mind
    (2) Spare time no longer spent counting calories, grams etc
    (3) Diversity of interests – could you have bought a place, finished uni and travelled overseas if you were disordered and unwell?
    (4) Muscle mass – you are one strong looking woman
    (5) Spare room in your heart and life for new friends :)

    I’m sure there’s so much more you’ve gained in the past two years that only you can quantify. These things ultimately mean far more than weight. Anyway just a reminder how AWESOME you are (as if you even need it!)

    X Michelle

  2. I agree with everything Michelle said above, and more.

    Go look at my latest Facebook post. I’ve gained 15kg. 15! And it doesn’t mean fuck all to me!! I would have never been able to deal with that two years ago, but now I look at all the other things I have – strength, sanity, confidence, happiness, freedom…. it goes on and on!

    I just watched this video and you should watch it too:

    Why are you even weighing yourself anyway?! Of course it’s going to end in tears! Especially if you did it after eating shit food.

  3. Kay says:

    Whatever the scales said, and really, who gives a shiz about thise numbers, I think you look amazing. You look so strong and fit, I wish I had the energy and stamina to teach Step and Attack!

  4. Forget about numbers, sweetheart, they really don’t mean anything. You’re gorgeous, you have family and friends who adore you and a sweet job – you’ve got nothing to worry about! <3 xoxo
    Kristy @ Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Goat Cheese and Nutella Sandwich – Weird but WonderfulMy Profile

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