One More Sleep!

Hey there! One more sleep till Santa comes ;)

Since my binge themed post yesterday (and thanks for your great feedback) I’ve practised what I preached when I found myself at a sleepover at mums (bf was away with the boys. her mattresses are the BEST ever, so comfy) and surrounded by her many delicious treats (she buys them like nobodies business and we don’t) found myself indulging in a few chocolate peanuts (crazily enough, I’m proud of myself that I can admit this and not feel embarrassed, imperfect or a let down) after dinner when I typically am suppose (according to my meal plan) to be pretty much carb free (don’t worry I get plenty of carbs during the day). I pretty much could of had the binge of a lifetime because (a) my brother and mum are easy to fool and (b) there is an abundance of delish and nasty binge food ha. But reflecting upon yesterday’s post and the lessons I’ve learnt I knew that I didn’t have to give in to the urge to binge, nor do I need to see it as restriction (more on this later!! NOTE TO SELF ha). So yay…complete with way to many bracketed extra comments haha.

Oh and another great thing that happened yesterday- I met a beautiful (she is a stunner!) reader of the blog, Michelle :) I always get a buzz out of online communications I have with my readers but it’s even better when you come across someone in real life! Oh and maybe you can convince me to Zumba one day- until then it’s BodyAttack and BodyStep for me!

Onto today- where I got up and was able to say good morning to my beautiful doggies, seriously I love that Dotti to bits, and Paws



had brekky and headed off to an DIY Full Body Workout. My fourth round of my Weight Training & Nutritional Plan ended last week, and with Christmas messing everything up I thought I’d aim to do two full bodies amongst the Xmas celebrations and GF classes. I actually surprised myself when I just barely lifted a 90kg deadlift (including bar)! So far that’s my best max attempt- whilst it wasn’t absolutely perfect form (I don’t think I held it long enough and my knees didn’t fully look out before my grip felt like it was giving way and I had to go back to the start position) I still think it should count ;)

Anyways, I’m heading to work soon for five hours before doing a 45 min BodyAttack class (please someone come even if it’s Christmas eve- 5pm!) and then heading out for a Christmas Eve dinner with family and present exchangings!

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas my beautiful readers! I hope to check in tomorrow (we’ll see) as I’ve got a hankering for some sort of Christmas Survey- anyone got one to share?!

  • What are you doing this Christmas Eve?


  1. Yay for 90kg! I fully expect you to be “off-plan” over the next few days. Don’t stress about it – enjoy as many chocolate peanuts as you like <3
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…Bah humbug!My Profile

  2. Michelle says:

    You’re too kind! It was wonderful to meet you too :) You are just a gorgeous and sweet in real life as on the blog x

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