You Don’t Have To Give In To The URGE To Binge

Hey there! 2 sleeps till Santa comesssss, weeeeeeeee!

Anyways, whilst Christmas is generally a happy time it can also be stressful and anxiety-filled for those with current or histories of eating disorders. We know the steps to take but that doesn’t mean that the feelings of guilt and reluctancies around food doesn’t still surface.

I also know that I said I’ve overcome emotional eating and truly at that time I thought I had. But can someone with such disordered eating habits ever really recover? Food will always require a second thought for me and it’ll always be something that is my thing to keep at and work on, even if things do get easier. Whilst I have pretty much mastered it and majority of my life I’m at peace with it, I do have my times whether they be reflected by binges, times of great anxiety and sadness, or deprivation and restriction etc.

The holidays make things harder for people with past and current eating issues. I think a big reason this is, is food is amplified. Christmas feasts, family bbqs and christmas parties all partake in a large array of foods, usually containing many of the fun foods we try to enjoy little by little. I know as I approached Christmas I struggled to enjoy certain foods in front of others, which usually led to me later consuming something (the same or different) and usually more than I wanted in the first place.

But for whatever the cause, what’s worked for me lately is an adjusted mindset. A month or so ago I had a really tough night, I hadn’t struggled that much in ages. I was a mess, both in terms of anxiety and sadness. When things get like that I love googling and finding blogs to hear other similar stories and hopefully what helped for them (a big reason why I also blog now). I came across a blog called Brain Over Binge.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what she wrote or how she meant it to be, but this is what I took from a particular post (can’t find the exact post at the moment!). That eating say a couple of pretzels or a piece of cake when you don’t and then having the urge to binge does not mean that you have to give in to it. I guess it’s similar to not the notion that many disordered eating people have when choosing between the extremes: total abstinent or eat-everything-in-sight.

Anyways, this thought- that it’s not a binge feeling but an ‘urge to binge’ and that I don’t have to give into it really changed things for me. I don’t know why. Sure, I’ve slipped up and had a couple of pringles or lollies when I probably didn’t need it or really want it, but it didn’t lead to a binge…and that to me is way more important.

Maybe it’s something you could try? I mean it’s worked thus far for me. Here’s what you do:

  • When you find yourself having an urge to binge or go out of control with your eating (in a bad way) know this: that you DON’T have to give into the urge to binge.

Seems too simple right? Well if that’s the case- what have you go to lose?

What’s the best post or blog you’ve read that’s helped you with your issues?


  1. I don’t have problems with bingeing, thankfully, however I wanted to say how incredible you are for posting things like this because I know you’ll help so many others!

    I think one of the biggest things to remember is balance. Too many times you see people either denying themselves of any Christmas treats and then you have the opposite end of the spectrum where people eat way too much. It’s about finding the middle ground and enjoying yourself – not feeling like you’re missing out and not feeling guilty from eating too much. It’s just one day, so don’t focus too much on being the cleanest healthiest most “perfect” eater and being a sad sack because you missed out on your favourite holiday dish!
    Kristy @ Southern In-Law recently posted…December FavouritesMy Profile

  2. I feel the urge to binge all the time, especially when I am being lazy, but I like how your post gives a good perspective on health and the effects of it – thank you :)

    Happy Holidays!
    Choc Chip Uru recently posted…Party In The USA – Part IMy Profile

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