Exercise Excuses [GIVEAWAY!]

Hey guys, I’ve missed you…ya know.

But now is not the time for catch ups- those are to come. I’m going to get back onto your good side by giving you the chance to win something pretty awesome!

But first, exercise excuses? They suck.

Personally, I’m not a big excuse maker when it comes to working out- I actually love it and it’s my job. But there does come a time when I’d rather stay at home with the boy but ya know gotta earn the moolah haha. But you get that..

As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer I’ve seen a lot of excuses- not to mention my family and friends has had a few too! A lot of the time the excuses could have been avoided with a bit of preparation or a good old-fashioned ‘suck it up’. But there does come a time when there’s legit excuses, but rather than referring to them as excuses I’d say they’re reasons.

So in no way am I slamming those who have reasons they can’t exercise, but excuses? I mean come on! Exercise is awesome, you just got to find your groove. Not to mention I’ve got a pretty inspiration story for you to really think… is this really a good enough excuse not to exercise?

I frequently see a young male who comes into the gym and walks on the treadmill for an hour or so a few times a week. This boy is blind and deaf, and he comes in with his sister and dad who set him up on the treadmill and give him water breaks every now and again. I mean wow. Seriously, I have so much respect and am so inspired by that boys’ motivation.

How about that aye?

Anyways, I promise this all has a purpose. Because no longer will your excuses be worthy- cause you may just have some sexy new kicks (aka shoes) that you’ll just want to show off at every chance you get. This is all thanks to Paul’s Warehouse and his amazing shoe deals! Not to mention the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE and free delivery they have for November (talk about an awesome early Christmas present!). I’m actually eyeing off some of those gorgeous Asics Nimbus 15’s- mum wants a pair for Xmas and I always can do with another, and its BOGO! Perfect!




To win a $30 off voucher (yep that’s right the already amazing deals can become even better!) it’s quite simple.

Leave a comment telling me: What’s your exercise excuse? (Aka: What’s the most likely excuse you tend to use).

And who knows, maybe those shoes will magically make all those excuses disappear ;) I mean there’s no point wearing running shoes on the lounge right? ;)

Competition closes next Tuesday, December 3rd at 3pm. So get in quickly!

[Competition only open to Australian residents due to Australian delivery only]


  1. Now that guy is incredible!

    My exercise excuse has always been my arm disability. I “can’t” do a lot of things – but that’s because my arm doesn’t know how to do those things. In the past I just let myself not do those things – like lift weights – but I’ve now seen that my excuse actually needs to be my motivation. The more I do, the more I CAN do and it’s so exciting for someone who’s never been able to use their arm properly – sure it’s not perfect, but it’s progress!
    Kristy @ Southern In-Law recently posted…WEDDING: Hair and MakeupMy Profile

  2. Katherine Ryan says:

    My excuse is a lack of energy, my exercise levels fall right off as I get busier with other things because by the time I get home I just want a nap on the couch!

  3. Michelle says:

    Absolutely my biggest exercise excuse is the issue of tiredness after a day’s work, when the prospect of sitting on the couch and watching some mindless television beckons far more than the prospect of putting on gym gear and working up a sweat.

    Having said that, fabulous new gym gear is a great motivation to get you out exercising and this voucher would come in handy.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    X Michelle

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