Link Love 9/11

Holy moly, can you actually believe it’s over a week into November? As I typed the date above it was alarming. Christmas will be here before you know it.

Anyways, while we’re still sane and in November, let me share some awesome links with you. I’ve read so many this week because (a) loving it and (b) most days I find myself so bored- someone bring me a little bubba to play with or a job that pays well and that I’ll enjoy [ps. something may be happening soon on that front too!].

Link Love




  • Had to share this Butter Chicken, because I just know the bf would want this one day!
  • I want this Ramen Burger so bad..reminds me of the nasty but totally delish mi goreng packaged noodles haha.

Fitness & Health

  • Do you constantly deal with bad mentality when you workout? While I don’t, super lifter (and strongwoman!) Tara does!
  • Ever wondered about the typical Habits of Happy People? Julie shares this with us!
  • So apparently there was an Instagram ban on ‘thinspiration’ which has just been revoked. Which sucks. Whilst reading her post it really made me want to write on the issue, which may be still to come. But I just can’t see how people are proud of and celebrate/unite together on behalf of being unhealthily thin and all this eating disorder crap. With my ED I hid it and didn’t think much of flaunting it. What have we come to where people now band together and flaunt it?


Share some of your own OR your favourite links? [Obviously I wasn't reading a lot of good recipes lately either- where's all the nummies?]


  1. Thanks for sharing my post! I loved that post from Charlotte. I’m definitely giving Lulu the side eye from now on.
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…Shut up, brainMy Profile

  2. […] Valentine’s day to all you beautiful people- may it be filled with love. Speaking of, I know this link love is a thing I used to do routinely on a Saturday but since it’s the day of love I felt it only […]

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