Link Love 3/11

Traditionally, I’d always do Link Love on a Saturday- but rules are meant to be broken right? Anyways, here’s a whole lot of amazing stuff I’ve read lately!

Link Love


  • Lorraine is absolutely amazing and she again proves why she is with her Terrifying (and oh so impressive) Halloween Party- that’s definitely one guest list I want to be on!
  • If you only read one post today (although personally that’s such a waste!) let it be this amazing Banana Bread/Cake recipe. Then make it, then thank me by sending me money hahahaha. Nahhhhht. But do it. You won’t regret it. How can something so good for you taste like so sinfully bad?
  • I’d love to try and make this for the bf! Healthy Homemade Nutella
  • Carbs not always included in every one of your meals? Well lucky for you this Low Carb Cheesecake means you can eat it whenever you want hahaha!


  • An awesome post highlighting the strength of women- When Pigs Fly 2
  • I loved reading about Tara’s perspective on The Hardgainer Myth- ohhh the blessed life of a hardgainer hahaha (Curse my bf)
  • I’m terrible at the whole ‘adequately warm up before lifting’ thing but here’s some info on Warm-Up Sets.
  • I did a fun little Fitness Survey- I just wish it was longer. I’m on the prowl for another soon, it was fun ;)
  • Not sure if I’ve shown this before but it’s hilarious so have a look again! Worst Fitness Instructors (complete with fun GIFs)



  • Congratulations to Annette (& Jared) on their new, absolutely beautiful baby girl Lily. She’s finally here ;)┬áSo clucky…!
  • Kristy’s Bali Check In makes me sort of wish I was holidaying haha :( Have some holiday fun for me!
  • I cannot get over how talented and amazing this girl’s blog and illustrations are- and hope she can work some of that magic with me!
  • I recently stumbled upon this Go Kaleo blog and I love her upfront attitude and healthy mentality- especially this FAQ Post she did, as it allowed me to get that little bit closer to her. Plus I’m a nosey bugger hahaha.

Share some of the links you loved this week/lately!


  1. Ally says:

    Hahaha Bek you’re too sweet :-)
    Send me an email with your ideas and I will whip up something for you!
    Ally recently posted…the first day of November…My Profile

  2. I love your link love Bek and not just because you are kind enough to feature me! They’re always such interesting links! :D

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