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Good morning beautiful people!

So occasionally I get sent some freebies to try out and I love to pass on my honest thoughts about the products. This time it was Veet’s waxing products, specifically their Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin and their High Precision Wax.


I’ve always been a waxer and occasionally I would see a beautician but would always get my under arms done at home because it was easier and cheap :) However, I’d usually go the wax and then put the strips on top (as mum always advised) so I was interested to see how the wax strips would go.


The results were good and it was super easy as I didn’t have to heat wax and everything was done for me. It did sting but then again when does waxing not sting? The oddest thing though was after. I had this sticky residue that would not come off (even with a shower), until I realised the pack came with ‘perfect finish wipes’ that worked like magic. Bye bye stickiness! Ps. Check out this neat video that shows you how to use it!

Would I buy it again? Hmm well I do prefer the wax with strips but I would also use the ready-to-use wax strips.

Okay next thing- the High Precision Wax for Facial Hair Removal.IMG_5189I actually really love this. Using tweezers to shape my eyebrows sucks and my hair appointments are so far in between that it’s not fair on the rest of society to see these hairy things ;) Whilst it’s a little bit tricky to get the technique right once you do it works a treat!

Heat the wax beforehand (careful not to let any water in!)IMG_5244

The almond oil is a great touch for sensitive skin like mine, but I still get a few bumps and a rash (if I scratch and pick it) as I would at the hair dressers- but it goes away quickly.

I would definitely by the High Precision Wax again!

Your turn:

  • Do you wax or shave? I wax but shave my legs only. (I can’t wait that long in between waxes for my legs nor can I afford it)
  • Would you rather get it professionally done or an at home job? I’m definitely a home-job girl. I can get it done whenever I need, without leaving home and for a small fraction of the price.


The above products were provided to me free of charge but this did not affect my opinions. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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