Eating in Europe

Yay for wireless that works and yay for another amazing hotel in the glorious Paris! Literally steps away from our favourite Parisian monument- the arc de triomphe.

But let’s get onto the stuff you all want to know about- the food and eating.

I came in with the advice from my trainer (Tara) to combine the same amount of food I was eating into three meals for ease of convenience. I’ll be honest, I’m not nearly eating as often or as much as I did at home (then again I’m not exercising like I was- although there’s lots of walking involved that’s for sure). The whole two weeks of contiki I shared French macarons, had tastes of the boyfriends gelato and other desserts but didn’t order my own. I also took a taking to at times, eating whatever I could get my hands on- otherwise the alternative was to starve my body which is worse in my opinion. This mainly includes Pringles haha, being the boyfriends fave snack.

I’m lucky enough that I’ve nearly every time found wholemeal baguettes or bread which is usually packed with wholesome ingredients I’d use myself. I’ve also stuck to salads but found that a lack of carbs at lunch makes me hungry mid arvo. I will admit that I have enjoyed the white bread also, it’s hard not to when its complimentary ;)

However, since contiki I’ve been enjoying more treats- ben and Jerrys peanut butter cup (yep yep!!!!), some of the boyfriends crepes and my own ice cream creation courtesy of the amazing Golden Tulip dinner buffet.


I’m not overly fussed with what I’m eating to be honest, and I found it funny that so many people whinged about the unhealthy food they’re eating and the amount of carbs they consume- when to me I’m eating much the same as home and if anything less carbs!

That doesn’t mean I’m losing weight though at least I don’t feel I am. I definitely notice a slight loss in muscle and definition around my stomach- but if anything I’m excited to restart in a way when I return home. There’s a gym relatively close to us at the moment but I’m not sure whether ill make it since with all this walking my legs often feel exercised already haha.

Anyways back to the food- it’s awesome!! And Ive definitely enjoyed many European eats!

How do you eat on holidays?

What is your favourite European food item?


  1. Michelle says:

    That sandwich looks a bit plain and dry to me.
    Michelle recently posted…Heart Start FitnessMy Profile

  2. I love Europe!!! Have fun!!! :)
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted…CXWORX Release 11 Review + A hilare storyMy Profile

  3. Michelle says:

    (Not the above Michelle by the way!)
    Glad to see you are having fun and eating intuitively!
    If you can’t enjoy yourself on holiday when can you?
    X Michelle

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