This Is What I Did On The Weekend

GOOD morning to you!

Why am I so chirpy? Well perhaps my first weekend and ‘work day’ away from school and all the hectic-ness of school has something to do with it ;) Whilst, I enjoyed what I did (minus the ahh little issue) and loved the kids, I love being able to just chill a bit (my standard of chill ha) without having a million things to do. But that doesn’t mean this week is uneventful- nup..I’ve got a whole heap going on; but lets recap the weekend first ;)

I’ll pick it up from The End of my prac. Saturday was pretty much the usual, but except for prepping school stuff I was organising my 21st (this Fri night!), organising computer stuff and doing some Europe research. Saturday night however was a bit different from my usual pj-quick-bite-to-eat-and-hit-the-hay-Saturday-nights. One of my close friends had her 21st and it was time to get dressed up and head out on the town. Unfortunately I didn’t grab a shot but photos were taken at the event, so fingers crossed it looks semi-okay ha.

By now, you will know that I’m not a drinker (anymore). High school years for me were filled with parties and drinking, and I guess as a consequence of finding a steady state boyfriend, getting an ED (and not wanting to socialise or ‘drink’ calories) and becoming more health conscious, drinking alcohol just isn’t that common in my life. However, on this night I did (not) enjoy two champagnes. There was a bar tab, the champagne was free, in a cute glass and  bubbly. I was actually proud of myself that I could stick to two, and due to my poor drinking skills, two was enough for a bit of a buzz ha. Whilst I could have avoided drinking anything all together in all honesty having something in your hand helps ease the tension, helps you have a bit of crazy fun and stops the nagging from others ha. I’m on the hunt for an appropriate mixer for my 21st this Sat- I’m thinking some sort of natural sparkling mineral water…now just to find one with good stats and ingredients (such a mission).

It was a semi late night (midnight) and I promptly hopped into bed and set my alarm for 30 mins later than normal, as I decided to skip Grit Strength and just BodyAttack that morning.

The rest of my Sunday involved a whole heap of pink stuff for my 21st (ya know I love me some pink) which we picked up for an absolute steal, and to which you know I set up and tested everything out that afternoon (could not help myself). We also did some grocery shopping where I picked up three different mixer varieties, both for myself, cocktails and for guests. I don’t want everything to be super healthy but where possible I’d like to offer natural, healthy and good for you options that don’t taste like that. I think, why not?

Anyways, here’s the drinkies


and here’s what I thought:

  • In terms of smell, the Wonder Winnie distinctly smelt of cranberry, Grapetiser had little smell at all and Smart Juice was deadset apple juice.
  • All products had natural ingredients, no added sugar, made from fruit etc. I understand that the fruit still is full of sugar and carbs, I think it’s a much better option than the alternative.
  • In terms of taste, Wonder Winnie tastes just like cranberry but finished rather oddly, whether it be because of the added aloe vera or stevia, either way it didn’t leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. The Grapetiser was bubbly and tasted very sweet- very similar to soft drink but without that artificial taste. The Smart Juice was just good old-fashioned apple juice (and my boyfriend’s favourite).

Last night we also had a sort of celebratory dinner for my boyfriend whom is finishing his apprenticeship 6 months early! We went to our favourite Wagaya, and while I got my usual edamame, with the vegetable section of the beef curry hot-pot + noodles, the boyfriend went food crazy. He ordered grilled scallops, prawn dumplings, pork gyoza, renkon chips (but to his credit only ate a few), scampi and ate all the meat from the hot put, plus a chocolate cake to end. But wait to you see this guy- you wouldn’t know it from looking at him. Oh life, how unfair thou are ;)

Anyways, I’m off to eat brekky before teaching another BodyStep class (I’ve missed this 9:20am crew!) and getting my busy day started. Stay tuned this week as I resume (hopefully) my regular, usual blogging. I’m hoping to offer you plenty of party-themed posts with foods, cocktails, decorating tips and pictures from the night.

Oh and check out my new Blockout pants..

complete with sexy, fluffy, pink, bed socks.


I wore them for my 5:45am BodyStep class this morning. I love the look, fit, feel and how warm they keep me- especially at that ridiculous time ;)


  • How was your weekend?
  • What are your alcohol (vodka) mixer recommendations?


  1. I need to get some longer pants now! It’s getting so cold that I need every inch I can get! :D
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Le Pub, Sydney CBDMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha! I want another pair- I love them and am not ashamed to say I have worn them more than once (during exercise) without washing.

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