Some Chocolate a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Just so you know the following post features Product Talk By Nuffgang. I will be reviewing a product that was provided to me for free, but as always all the following thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Stick around and you may even win yourself something tasty!


So a while back I hinted at some delicious chocolate I received (and hopefully you will too!) that had fantastic health benefits, as well as tasting awesome!

I introduce to you- AntiOx Chocolate.


Being a dark chocolate lover, I was thrilled to see that they offered 70% cocoa chocolate with a spin, that was also sugar free AND naturally sweetened!

I was sent two large blocks of their Acai & Goji Berry chocolate, as well as 3 snack sized bars including the previous two flavours with the newest Chia & Quinoa flavour!


Before we get into all the health benefits and the fantastic nutritional information and ingredients, let’s be real: how did it taste?

Whilst I didn’t eat every piece on my own, I managed to try at least one piece of each (yes, all for you). My favourite was definitely the Goji berry which is pretty mind-blowing considering I’ve despised goji berries in the past. I’m being honest when I say that it definitely reminded me of a raw food cherry ripe- the snack bar especially.

The Chia and Quinoa flavour (with berries) was also quite similar, but had an added textural crunch. I probably should have had this flavour and the Goji flavour one after the other so I could compare differences, but looking back I can’t recall many (in terms of taste).

The Acai berry was not a favourite of mine at all. I felt it was quite bitter/tart and I think that’s due to the berry. Oddly, it was the favourite for both my mum, boyfriend and mother in law. As lovers of milk chocolate they felt that they could really taste the dark chocolate with the Goji (which is maybe why I loved it?).

Now here’s the low down ie. excuses you can give yourself for eating an entire block ;)

AntiOx products are enriched with ancient antioxidant super fruits and grains, known for centuries as powerhouses of health and wellbeing.

We’ve traipsed the planet to bring you the best of ancient super fruits and grains: acai (pronounced ‘ah-sa-ee’) from Brazil, goji (go-jee) from the Himalayas, pomegranate from the Middle East, chia from Southern Mexico and Guatemala, and quinoa from across South America.

Each carefully-selected ingredient is packed with amazingly high levels of natural antioxidants.

To top it all off, AntiOx products are made using 70% cocoa, sugar free dark chocolate – an ingredient that on its own contains very high levels of antioxidants and imparts numerous health benefits. Excess calories are eliminated by removing the sugar and using natural, plant-based sweetener, stevia instead.

Measuring antioxidant levels:

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is an independent measure that rates the antioxidant value of all foods. As a guide, we need a daily ORAC intake of 3,500-5,000 units to stay healthy. AntiOx Snack Bars have an ORAC rating of 7,000, while AntiOx Chocolates have an ORAC value of 26,000 per 80g block. Combined with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, AntiOx products can significantly boost your antioxidant intake.

Cool huh? Now lets not go overboard and start replacing all foods with AntiOx because we need a variety of minerals and nutrients from a wide range of different foods; but that doesn’t mean you can’t pop a few pieces every now and again…you know to get your necessary antioxidants and stuff ;)

But here’s the great part- you have a chance to win an AntiOx pack for yourself! Each pack includes:

  • 6 x snack bars (in Acai, Goji, and Chia and Quinoa varieties)
  • 4 x chocolate bars (in Acai and Goji varieties) 

(Valued at over $30)

To enter just leave a comment on this post answering this question: Why do you want to try the new AntiOx snack bars and chocolate?

(For terms and conditions click here. One entry per person.)

And don’t be afraid to get a little creative as the most creative answer will be chosen by the judges!

Competition closes next Monday the 24th of June, so get in quick! And for even more chances of winning check out AntiOx’s Winter Snack Bar Giveaway on their Facebook page!

  • Why do you want to try the new AntiOx snack bars and chocolate?


  1. Food PASSIONATELY E-X-C-I-T-E me!
    These bars look and sound SO delicious AND healthy!
    Would love to see what recipes with the bars I could create!
    Sharing via social media would be AntiOx Nuffgang GREAT! :)
    Cheers! Joanne
    Joanne T Ferguson recently posted…Me Time Before Tea Time Party SeriesMy Profile

  2. Merryl Donn says:

    I am a chocoholic. I adore chocolate, but most of them are filled with fat and sugar. I’d love to try these new AntiOx snack bars and chocolate and enjoy a sweet treat that is healthy.

  3. Lin says:

    Am trying to reduce additives and chemicals from my diet – looks like I may have found the solution to those sweet cravings…

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