Aria Anniversary Dinner

Our four year anniversary is this Thursday but because since we’ve got limited weekends, we had to celebrate the weekend before. So at 8:30pm we arrived at Eagle St Pier to our favourite Brisbane restaurant- Aria!


Last time we went someone was a bit more organised and had requested an amazing table, right in front of the windows with a great view. This time we were seated away from the windows in a cosy little corner. Whilst it had no view it had a nice romantic feel.

The night started a bit unexpected with only half a piece of bread.


To be honest I did feel a bit ripped off but I guess the bread might have been getting low? Though the amount I did have was magnificent. The rye was light and the boyfriend’s baguette was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

We never order appetisers and chose our main meals almost straight away, thanks to great service. We did get surprised with a complimentary starter- pumpkin soup with goat’s curd.


It was really nice but too rich for me so my boyfriend easily polished that off.

Anyways- on to dinner. I was actually a bit stuck as to what to order- not necessarily in a good way. Last time I had ordered a magnificent pumpkin vego dish and this time nothing was jumping out to me. For some reason fish is really not my thing lately but I took a risk ordering the salmon.


KING SALMON seared fillet with red cabbage, confit yolk, jamon crumbs and shallot dressing

The salmon was cooked perfectly, but me being picky found that near the end side of the salmon it was too ‘slimy’ for my liking. The confit egg was very interesting and I loved the cabbage underneath.

The boyfriend ordered a 300g scotch fillet which was cooked medium and was the best steak he has had in Brisbane (Quay in Sydney is still number 1!).


We also got some sides, as we remembered how good the truffle mash was last time, and it was just as buttery and rich this time. You couldn’t have too much- which is probably a good thing ;) We also tried a new side with sauteed zucchini and squash with garlic and chilli. I loved this side, but found a few pieces too ‘sauteed’.


Then comes the best part and this dessert was just SO me. The only thing that could have improved it was some sort of peanut butter incorporation haha.

I’m all about bananas lately, so I had to order it. The bf also wanted it but I told him we could share so he went the custard tart.


CUSTARD TART with fresh figs, apple and candied walnuts

Whilst the custard tart was great, in comparison to the banana dish it was a clear second.


BANANA- banana and brown sugar parfait, banana sorbet with toasted marshmallow

The brown sugar paste was SO good, and the banana sorbet was refreshing without being too much. Those two small pieces of banana and brown sugar parfait were amazing. The texture was great with a dense base, a crunch and a soft middle. Oh and you can’t forget the bit of marshmallow there which was a fun novelty.

Just when we thought the night was over we were given a complimentry Petite Fours which were just ahhhh- so good.


The almond slab was similar to peanut brittle but very thin. The little tear drops were filled with rich soft chocolate and a cocoa powder outside- almost too much at first but finish with just enough chocolate, but not too much. The orange jelly squares were sweet and a nice tangy comparison to the chocolate drops.

Overall it was a great night of eats, minus my dinner which I was not totally taken away with (and the 1/2 a bread issue haha). The service was timely but I felt that the waiters we had were a little less personal this time round- not to mention we got no ‘happy anniversary’ on the dessert plate like last time.

All in all a pretty perfect way to celebrate love- with food, someone you love and your most loved restaurant ;)


What is your favourite part of eating at a ‘Fine Dining Restaurant’?

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  1. Aww happy anniversary!! You two are so cute :) I would not have been happy with that tiny piece of bread – my favourite part about eating out is the bread basket! And I can’t handle banana desserts lol I need chocolate!!
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    • BekatCrave says:

      Thanks :) Haha, I wasn’t ;) What? This one was amazeballs- even my chocolate loving boyfriend was jealous and wished he ordered it also haha.

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