Just Popping In

Hey there friends,

how did your first day back to ‘the real world’ go?

School was good- it was so freezing this morning but started to heat a bit this arv. And I was blessed (rolls eyes) with a staff meeting this afternoon, before rushing home to do some school stuff before a Grit Strength & BodyAttack class. Tonight my mum joined my for BodyAttack and it was her first class ever! She loved it of course ;) And I’m loving how motivated she is. We’re one day in.

I had a great dinner of some roast beef with vegies but unfortunately I’ve been a bit uncomfortable in the stomach today with cramps- I have a feeling it was from scoffing my lunch down super quickly in between classes today.

I hope your day was eventful and you can spend it reminiscing on one thing that you enjoyed doing! It’s all about finding the silver lining ;)

Can you believe it’s 10pm? How quickly the time goes. I swear, we need more relaxing time and less work time haha- way too unbalanced.

What is one thing you enjoyed doing today? I enjoyed sharing one of my passions with my mumma- love converting people to the world of Group Fitness & Les Mills!


  1. Chris says:

    I hear ya…people ask me “did you see such-and-such show last night?” and I tell them, “Not if it was before 10PM, that’s when I sit down to TV!” LOL!

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