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Ahh hello there, 2 days done- or if you think about it mathematically (as I like to do- nerd alert); one fifteenth down. Ha. Day 2: I’m still alive, I’m tired, I met a few new children who were away yesterday and I still love them :) Success.

Not to mention I’ve got a sub teacher in, as my mentor teacher is on PD this week and she’s got me convinced that part-time sub teaching, as well as my fitness on other days is so the way to go. You start at 8:30, home at 3, no staff meetings and no at home work! Not to mention the per day money is pretty impressive. Yay, things are going to happen!

Okay let’s recap Tuesday shall we.

It started at the crack of dawn, before the sun was even up.

IMG_4363Now this isn’t the usual for Tuesday mornings but I got asked to do a fill and I hate letting people down! But what is regular around here, especially as we move into colder months, is putting my pj bottoms over the top of my gym gear. So far I’ve always managed to remember to take them off ;)


A great start to the morning, with a quick (and hefty!) breakfast before heading to school. After school I had planned to do my lower body workout so according to my nutrition plan I had to get some fuel in my before and after the workout. I wasn’t planning to photograph any of it, till I saw how bright my yolk was!


Like sunshine ;)

A quick warm up on the painstakingly boring treadmill before doing the same lower body routine as last week.


So far my hammys are feeling good and I managed to increase my weights on every exercise and set! Woo. The biggest thing for me, as I lift heavier and heavier, is not neglecting form for weight. Sometimes I feel like a slacker if I don’t continue to increase my weights- but dropping form is not the way to rectify that.

Also, good news on the protein shake! Last time I tried it I had to hold back gags but I’m happy to say this time was considerably better. I just didn’t think about it and downed as quick as possible. I may have had to clamp my nose as I downed it but hay it still counts ;)

Multi-tasking. ‘Scuse the odd placement- it doesn’t fit in my cup holders! Ha.


I had put in another request for those glorious turkey burgers we had last week, so after teaching another BodyStep class tonight they were shovelled right into my gob.


Turkey patties = awesome (keep an eye out for the super simple recipe tomorrow morn)

And avocado = also awesome. Where have you been all my life? I’ve missed you.

I cleaned the kitchen before heading to bed with some Comfort In A Cup, a la protein topped with some full fat organic butter and a square of 85% dark chocolate (it’s crazy how smooth 85% tastes to me now- you seriously adjust!).


And that’s my day- not sure how many days like this I can sanely make it through but we’ll see. One day at a time aye?

Your turn- pick one, pick all:

  • What is your busiest day of the week?
  • How do you keep sane when you feel flat-out?
  • What have your taste buds adjusted to?


  1. Nerds rule the world! I much prefer to think in percentage than fraction. Sometimes even decimals, if things get crazy.

    Alright, when things get crazy, I stay sane with 3 things:

    1) Getting enough sleep.
    2) Eating well.
    3) Telling myself, “I always get everything done. No reason this time is any different.”

    Keep it up!!! :)
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted…Cacao Protein Truffles and a Super Foods ReviewMy Profile

  2. Days beginning before dawn are too often around these parts….haha! I know what you mean–so dark & early!

    And that yolk–SO yellow!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted…17 Weeks {Gender Reveal!}My Profile

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