Recap: Australian Fitness & Health Expo

This Sydney recap is being left to last because it’s a doozy. If you haven’t seen the earlier recaps you can find them here: Sydney Food Recap & Les Mills Ultimate Super Workshop Recap.

In a nutshell this past weekend has been so memorable and one of the best weekend’s of my life. And here’s a lengthy recap of all the expo fun we had!

The expo was absolutely huge and had everything from healthy food to workout gear to crossfit competitions to exercise supplements and even equipment for gyms. It was a workout in itself walking back and forth around the whole thing. We started off with a rough plan of a route but I doubt we stayed on track- not to mention I lost Simon a million times! ha.

For ease I’m going to share things in categories, starting with everyone’s favourite- Healthy food!

Healthy Eating/Food

Healthelicious Foods


These were small bars ranging from tasty treats to nutritional treats that were a bit harder to eat. The lady was lovely enough to offer me 93923849839 different samples and I particularly enjoyed the (OMG) Nut Slice as well as Chocolate Chip (duh) and coconut macadamia.


Slim Secrets


Slim Secrets were definitely not new to me- I’ve reviewed their products before and, I was excited to see them at the expo to snag a few more samples. I also felt very special when I tried a new bar they’re soon to be releasing.


I’m not sure how much I can show/share, so let’s just say that it’s awesome!



The Swisse vitamin stands were gorgeous I loved the black look with all the colourful bottles! They also had protein bars on shelf but unfortunately they had artificial sweeteners which isn’t my thing.


Nature’s Way


I came across another Vitamin company that the lovely Michelle Bridges was speaking at!

Musashi Slm


Is it just me or have you also been reading this as Slim? Ha. My bad.



I ended up scoring a snazzy pink shaker bottle and a Slm Petite bar in choc fudge flavour which was actually really yummy! Definitely a good substitute for a chocolate bar as an In Case Of Emergency Snack.

Bounce Foods


I’ve tasted a Bounce energy/protein ball before in Peanut flavour and I really did not enjoy it. I felt it was to protein powder-y tasting. However, the Coconut & Macadamia flavour is SO good (I must be on a coconut, maca kick). Like, I came back for seconds good.




Of course the fabulous Chobani truck was there and it was great to see healthy Aussies falling in love with the yogurt like I have. It’s so funny to watch people’s reactions to trying the product. Love the new flavours they’re offering in Australia also! But Chobani 0% plain will always be my favourite.

Well, Naturally


I was actually so disappointed that I didn’t find this stall on the first day that I made a special trip the second day! I’m so glad I did because their Mini Protein Bars are good- especially the Cherry Delight flavour. It legit tasted like cherry ripe.


Their Sugar Free Dark Chocolate (plain variety) was also really good and sweetened naturally- WOOHOO!


Full On Snack


I’d never heard of this company before but I absolutely loved their original version of their cookie- what’s better is that their ingredients were by far the best I’d read all day!

I seriously hope they sell online otherwise I’m going to have to recreate these!

Clif Bar


I’ve read about these bars in America so I was smitten when I saw they were going to be at the expo! Their bars are pretty tasty but the ingredients list is quite lengthy.


Their energy chews are so good too and definitely could pass as a lolly snack substitute!



Another brand I’m familiar with and have reviewed before. While it’s not an all the time thing I did enjoy trying Slim Pasta every now and again- they’ve got new varieties out now also that I’m keen to taste test.


Workout Attire

I did make a few necessary workout purchases also..



Their clothes are gorgeous and surprisingly affordable.

photo 3-1

I got their pink and grey top and love that it has an in-built support bra and how flattering it is for your girls ;) I even got a compliment saying ‘how sexy’ my top was haha!


Blockout had the best sales of the day and you could tell from the amount of people lined up and in the store. I scored some $40 black 3/4 tight pants with a hot pink waistband.

photo 2-2

I’ve worn them twice and loved them both times! I never have to pull them up, they aren’t see through, they suck and hold you in and their waistband is perfect for eliminating any muffin top! I hadn’t heard of Blockout before and when I saw them I thought they may be cheaper quality- they are so NOT! Can’t wait to purchase more.



The ladies here were so lovely and helpful and I ended up buying a bargain purple top for $35! I plan to wear it tonight so I’ll let you know how I go.



Here’s some more random shots I grabbed:


A male figure model competition! I sent this snap to my mum as a teaser ;)

6 Pack Fitness/6 Pack Bags


This container/lunch bag is seriously amazing. As someone who always prepares their food beforehand and is constantly surrounded by containers I was literally in awe- and better yet they come in pink!




My beloved Vitamix was there! Ps. If you want you could send me one as an early birthday present? ;)



The Crossfit games were on and it was awesome to watch- these people are machines! I only wish I got to see some of the females compete. Watching fit, shirtless men was a bonus too..



Loved the colours of these water bottles! And they’re super convenient for protein shake drinkers also.

And a few more that go unnamed and (some) are extremely random…






  • What is your favourite health food?
  • What would you most look forward to at a Health & Fitness Expo?
Ps. a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing and beautiful man- my boyfriend Simon. I love you with all my heart and hope you get everything you deserve and more on your special day. xxxooo


  1. I tried a couple of those Clif bars and one of the flavours was really nice! And the Slim Pasta is interesting-I hate the smell but I’m curious about what the other varieties were like.
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Rainbow Meringue Kisses & Drumroll…My Book Is Out!!My Profile

  2. The expo looks like it gets better and better every year! I was dying to get a six pack bag, but now I don’t really need it as I only have to take one meal with me to work. It’s so cool that US products are finally making their way to Australia (we have them all at Whole Foods here, so I’m not too jealous haha).
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…How much damage can alcohol really do?My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Lol I need one now thanks to all the bloomin’ food you’ve got me eating! Yes! Haha, I want a whole foods :(

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