Recap: Sydney Food- Who Said You Can’t Eat Healthy When You’re On Holiday?

Possibly the most anticipated part of blogging- the food. I know you guys love some good old food photos, and you’re going to be pleased with me because I took plenty.

But with this I wanted to talk about something that a lot of people get caught up with: Eating Healthy On Holiday.

And honestly, it was a sinch; because I’m not on a diet I don’t feel like holidays are excuses to over indulge (I can eat that food whenever I want) and because I genuinely love healthy, whole food. But I know not everyone feels the same way- maybe not the people who seek out this blog but a lot of people out there don’t enjoy the taste of healthy food nor do they truly get to taste what healthy food is.

I know my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy when I say how good and sweet an almond tastes or how fresh fruit is amazing. Those who don’t enjoy healthy foods (I believe) either aren’t doing it right (ha) or have had their taste buds so confused by chemical full, processed and artificial foods that of course the whole foods aren’t going to taste ‘right’.

That’s not to say I’m the perfect eater- I wish I could say I am but to be honest I’ve got some emotional eating problems that I’m still dealing with. Plus life is nothing without some ice-cream, pastries and this and that thrown in.

Anyways, no more preaching here’s (some of) what I ate and enjoyed at Sydney! Ps. There’s obviously not 20390 different photos of all the protein bar and health products samples I got to try- some were good and some not so. I tried to steer clear of the healthy halo products (labelled healthy but ingredients list/nutritional table said otherwise) and artificially sweetened products.

Day 1- Saturday


After a 6am flight and a 4:55am wake up I decided I’d prefer to eat once my body had fully awaken at Sydney. I wasn’t that hungry until we made it to the expo location luckily, which was near a shopping centre that featured many different options! This little cafe promoted healthy wholesome food so I decided to go for a sweet breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt with muesli.

photo 1-3

I had assumed the yogurt was natural as the sign said but it tasted quite sweet…

photo 3-4

photo 2-5

…luckily all that energy came in handy for the many steps we took throughout the Australian Fitness & Health Expo.


Went unphotographed but there were plenty of free sample sizes of protein bars, energy bar and other health products.


For lunch I went back to the same cafe I got breakfast- Parisi- and went for their cold salad of tuna and beans.

photo 1-4

They didn’t have a microwave so I had to go through the cold option but it was actually really good. And I didn’t mind the coriander in it at all- which is odd since I usually despise it.


For dinner we had special reservations for my boyfriend’s birthday at Hurricane’s Grill. Located at Darling Harbour it was extremely close to the expo and within (10-15 minutes) walking distance from our hotel, which was lovely. We had an 8pm table booked but ended up waiting till 8:30pm to be seated, which I was a tad ticked off about. No apologies, and it seemed as if this was the norm- to wait around. When I actually asked how long the table would be around 8:20pm she said that it shouldn’t be too long considering we had a booking…ugh yeh considering our booking was for 8pm.

Luckily the food compensated for the wait! The boyfriend got an amazing steak and even though I’m not a steak girl I thought this one was phenomenal.

photo 2-6

So tender and the flavouring was just so delectable.

I went vegetarian and got the biggest platter of vegetables known to man- seriously do these people know me or what? Ha.

 Haloumi, roast vegetables and a salad! Couldn’t even finish it- and that is saying 3-5

We were kicking ourselves considering ribs is their speciality and everyone was ordering them, plus we wanted to wear cool bibs too. But ribs just aren’t really our thing.

It’s quite noisy and dimly lit, especially since it functions both as a restaurant and bar. I thought it was reasonably priced also. Whilst the food was absolutely fantastic, other facets weren’t as great which is probably why it wasn’t a total knockout.

Nonetheless a great night and birthday dinner celebration!

Hurricane's Grill on Urbanspoon


We were too full for dessert… or so we thought. Until we walked past Guylian Cafe and decided maybe there was room.

I’m glad we did though because his dessert was like a mini birthday cake- only I’m kicking myself that I didn’t ask for a candle :( It just came out too quick!

Possibly the most decadent looking item there- it was a soft chocolate cake with some raspberry swirl ice cream to off set it.

photo 4-5

I had a taste of both the cake and ice-cream and found the ice cream beautifully refreshing the cake deceiving. You expect it to be too much but really it was just right, and he had no problem polishing it off.

I had some beautiful fresh fruit which the pineapple was the star of, topped with some natural yogurt.

photo 1-5

It was part of the breakfast menu and was decently priced, in comparison to the boyfriend’s dessert which was a pricey $16.50!

The service was quick considering it was very packed and pleasant. Apart from the prices we were very pleased with our dessert experiences!

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe Darling Quarter on Urbanspoon

We also continued to walk and check out N2 Extreme Gelato that Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella blogged about.

photo 3-6

Unfortunately, we were too full by this stage to order anything and I don’t think they do taste testing. But the flavours were very intrigueing! We spent a good ten minutes watching the ‘science’ happen ;)

photo 2-7

Day 2- Sunday


Lucky for me breakfast came after Grit Cardio- or this could have been a different scene haha ;)

I decided I needed a heartier breakfast today and ordered bacon, eggs and tomato with a piece of rye toast. Rye is such a novelty for me and I order it at every opportunity haha.

photo 4-4

Honestly, I’m not a fan of oily things that never seem to sit right in my stomach- so after some subtle dabbing I had set up my breakfast as seen 5-3

I put together one piece of bacon on half a piece of rye toast and topped it with an egg. Then I had the exact same again. I was dining alone which was a shame considering I had several pieces of bacon leftover. I actually considered offering some hungry guys it but thought against it.

I was probably already judged for my bacon dabbing ;)


I had company for lunch. Whilst he got a Simply Grill’d burger from our fave burger joint Grill’d, I went back for more rye.

photo 4-6

Two slices of rye bread with chicken breast, tomato, sprouts, cucumber and lettuce was exactly what I needed after my big workout that 5-5

Dinner was early and at the airport. I had low expectations considering we were going to the airport, but it turned out Sydney Airport rocks! They had Sumo Salad, woo!

Into my bowl went roasted Moroccan vegetables, 3 bean tomato curry and lentil and tabbouleh.

A great weekend full of delicious, healthy (sometimes ha) food!

  • How do you eat on holidays?


  1. CCU says:

    Haha you really do prove you can eat really well on holiday my friend, such wonderful options everywhere :D
    I could learn from you! And I do :)

    Choc Chip Uru
    CCU recently posted…Part One…My Profile

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  3. Michelle says:

    Fantastic post Bec – love all of the healthy food indulgences. I’m grateful I enjoy healthy food as well, and see holidays as really just a chance to try new combinations/tastes/ flavours or things that are too cumbersome to prepare at home.

    So glad you enjoyed Sydney!
    X Michelle

  4. You eat far better than I do on holidays! I miss sumo salad. I had to do a lot of work trips when I lived in Sydney, and I’d always have sumo salad – and sometimes a Krispy Kreme shhhh ;)

    Yeah, I don’t miss Australian prices at all. We never ate at the Guylian cafe because the prices were ridiculous. I had a business meeting at the Lindt cafe near The Rocks once, and my hot chocolate was $11!!! WTF is up with these places charging so much. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…How much damage can alcohol really do?My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Hahaha, I just eat how I usually do to be honest :)
      It’s so good! Except not sure it’d have enough protein to fit into my macros now :( Well the choices
      I get anyways.
      Is it cheaper in London? I would think it’d be more exxy over there and in Europe.
      Omg! Ridiculous. Yes, it was so good.

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