The Only Easter Guide You’ll Ever Need

Say goodbye to any other Easter Guide, because as the title says- this is the only guide you’ll ever need.

Let’s get down to the important stuff…

What to eat

Now if you’re a chocolate lover than I’m guessing that’s the only thing going into your mouth this Easter weekend, and if that’s the case I want to make sure you’re making the right decisions. Stick with me and you’ll be fine.

Chocolate covered marshmallow.



Seriously, it’s good- I mean it’s marshmallow and covered in chocolate. Get some of that mushy, soft sweetness into you.

Lindt Lindor anything.



My favourite is the Lindt Lindor balls or mini eggs. When that shell cracks and the middle oozes, you know you’ve made the right decision.

Dark Easter-Themed Chocolate.



I’m loving dark chocolate lately and favour the more intense flavours with less sugar and sweetness. It’s also good for controlling those sugar rush urges.

Ferrero Rochers.



These aren’t really Easter themed but I remember getting these at Easter and being escatic. Could you blame me though? The hazelnut centre and nutty outside is too die for.

And a recommendation from a true Chocolate expert, my mother says always go Red Tulip.

Now if you’re like me and often get hankering for those carby, bread-like textured goods then I vote you go..

Hot Cross Buns.



Cut in half, put under the grill and buttered. Choose a soft and fluffy bun too!

What To Not Do


Plan how much you will eat to compensate.

Plan a day of exercise to work off the calories before, during or after.

Give yourself any excuse to binge (yes indulge and enjoy the chocolate, but don’t work yourself into a state where your feelings ruin the taste).

Worry about the little things.

Restrict yourself.

Isolate yourself from the fun of Easter.

Focus solely on the chocolate.

Study up on those ridiculous Easter guides you see in magazines.

What To Do

Here’s a nuttso idea, maybe enjoy Easter?


Have an Easter Egg Hunt!

Set up Easter nests the night before.

Egg painting (I’ve never done this but am determined to at some point in my life!)

Spend time with family.

Maybe try to move a little bit- go for a walk, swim or a game of sport with the fam. Just have some movement other than going en route to your kitchen for chocolate… ha

Whatever you want to do- maybe chocolate ain’t your thang but maybe baking is? Or maybe you’d prefer a day of at home pampering.

Depending on how you feel about Easter certain parts of this post will matter more to you. Maybe you’re all cool and you really just want the 411 on the best choc or maybe you’re like me and have got some issues to sort out.

  • What chocolate would you add to the guide?
  • What else should we do on Easter?
  • What should we NOT do on Easter?


  1. Almond Joys! Almond Joys all the way. The coconut-y goodness gets me every time :)
    Avery @ Southern Belle Living Well recently posted…Why I Choose To Blog At 15My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      We don’t have Almond Joys in Australia…I don’t think? So I’m guessing they have almond and coconut? Sounds delish!

  2. Michelle says:

    Sounds like your Wednesdays are jam packed!

    Cadbury Old Gold 70% is my absolute favourite chocolate. I can now eat nothing else (except Lindt of course!) I know which Easter box I want now :)

    I am yet to have a hot cross bun this year! This must change :)

    X Michelle

    • BekatCrave says:

      They always are- I’m SO looking forward to tomorrow haha. Haha, dare ya to get one! My bf had four chocolate ones today unbelievable haha (and not fair :P ).
      It’s so good! I’m onto Lindt 85% at the moment and slowly starting to dig it more and more.
      Have a fantastic Easter!

  3. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Special Dark and Russell Stover Hollow Easter Bunnies! Yum :) You’re right too, that’s the mindset I’m taking this Easter! xox
    Maureen @ Breaking Free & Finding Me recently posted…Musical Wednesday & Tuesday Tie-UpMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha never heard of the Russell Stover before! My choice is Lindt 85% dark this Easter :) Yay, I’m so glad- live your life hun :) x

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