St Patrick’s Day + Photos

Hey guys! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Like my American friend Merry pointed out, St Patty’s day isn’t celebrated that much around here and to be honest I usually forget that it’s coming around…which is what happened this year. But I am wearing a green dress at the moment if that counts? ;)

Anyways here’s some shots from my weekend, hope you enjoy.

Too tart for my liking…

photo 2-85

Korean BBQ- restaurant review to come

photo 3-60

We had high hopes but it was only so so.

photo 4-45High expectations and high results..recipe to come tomorrow morning. Just in time for breakfast ;)

photo 5-37

photo 1-86

Told you Tim Tam’s are big over here ;)

photo 1-87

Amazing dipping sauce, some variation of sweet chilli I think.

photo 2-84

I wish there were more photos! We’ve been out to Korean BBQ for date night dinner, followed by a movie (I had a delicious raw food bar that I’ll share asap). I had a fab workout that’s left my upper back and shoulders tender, we’ve been baking, grocery shopping, outfit purchasing (for a group fitness launch) and GG season 6 watching. We’ve still got to walk dogs and prepare our awesome dinner. Nachos for him, Jacket Potato for me! Cannot wait.

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • What would be the iconic biscuit representing where you live?


  1. Meredith says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Hun! I went to the beach, saw Oz in 3-D, and did homework all weekend. Apart from studying, it was great! Looks like you had a fun one :) have a good Monday!
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