Weight Room Gossip

Just think a few months back this room use to scare and intimidate me. It was basically the no-go room for a whole bunch of reasons.



Hahaha! Okay not necessarily true- remember Being Healthy Means Having a Cupcake. But I thought this was too hilarious not to share.

But now I walk into the weight room like I own the joint ;) Ha, well I’m not that cocky but I do feel more comfortable there now.

I’ve even made a few friends. Who knew that one of the many perks to working out in the weight room could be chatting muscly and fit guys knowledgeable and respectable guys.

So I thought I’d do a fun post, on a whole bunch of random thoughts, experiences and what not about the weights room. Enjoy..

I like a hot and sticky weight room- no fan needed for me. I’ll switch it off if I’m lifting near it but put it back on, for courtesy sake, when I move.

I’ve started listening to music (learning BodyAttack + BodyStep new releases) and I’m digging the pumpin’ tunes, as well as how it makes me feel isolated and in my own little bubble/zone of weight training.


It can be awkward when someone starts talking to you and you’ve got music blaring in your ears ha.

I swear there are people who do nothing but wonder

I can’t help but make noise when I lift- I try to contain the volume though ;)

I’m stillĀ that girlĀ who uses the cushioning on the weight bar for squats. #nohate

People need to learn to put their weights away!


I need to get a iphone belt of some sort because I look odd shoving it down my bra or the side of my pants and trying to change the song..but instead it looks like I’m playing with my nipples. Not to mention, major sweatage all over the phone.

I love seeing couples do weights together…I wish!

I admit, I do check the odd guy out here and there ;)

Every time I see a girl in the weights room I want to run over, hug her and yell girl power…haha

People who hog the racks/areas are annoying..

I’m one of those ^ people haha (but compared to some I’m quick- no time to waste)

I feel kick-ass as I leave the weights room


I’ve matured out of my weight gloves- bring on the callouses

I love getting lifting tips from people, considering I’m a self-confessed beginner still

Hip thrusts should never be done with your ‘area’ facing the mirror

I check my muscles out every now and again

Less reps and higher weight is so much funner and quicker! (at the moment atleast ha)

I also check my form when doing romanian deadlifts and it looks like I’m checking myself out…totally not guys!

I like to watch people lifting heavy weights- so impressed



Have you got some Weight Room ‘gossip’ to add?


  1. Hehe I love a blog post that has a picture of Dwight Schrute in it! :P
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Made From Scratch: Thai Green Curry Paste & Thai Green Chicken CurryMy Profile

  2. Yay! I’m so proud of you for giving up the gloves… now we just need to work on getting rid of the maxi pad during your squats! Haha
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…Are supplements worth it?My Profile

  3. Alison says:

    Okay I laughed so hard reading this post because so much of it is true of me. But now I have

  4. Alison says:

    This post was hilarious and I can relate to almost everything you said. But I have a question for you or Tara (from sweatlikeapig) since I see she commented to! I have to use the cushion on the squat rack, I just started squatting like a week ago and the first time I did it without I had bruises on my back and my chiropractor told me my back is one of the worst he’s seen for someone my age, which is why I don’t want to hurt it by not using the cushion. Anyways I started using the cushion next time and my back is fine now. Is there a reason why I shouldn’t be using it?

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha yay! I think Tara doesn’t like people to use it because it’s like those people who pile on the weights with no range. People use it for their egos so they can do bigger weights. I just think it hurts too much without haha :P Lovely meeting you btw!

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