Weighing Myself

Hello! Guess what? As I was going through my posts my Monday night post apparently missed it’s schedule! Ugh what’s up with that?

It was a goodie too- full of food pictures and what not. Ahh well.

Enough about Monday though, let’s talk about Thursday. For some reason I’ve got a pounding (and inconvenient!) headache. I feel it’s a sign I shouldn’t be studying..ha if only.

I taught BodyStep this morning, but went back to an old mix since we’re having a big launch day next weekend. With all the choreography swimming through my mind it went well, apart from a few mishaps when teaching the original version of Tribal Dance- there’s a remixed version in BodyStep 91.

I also had yum post-gym snacks. And I took this photo because I thought it looked like a snack station haha.

photo 1-85

Lunch was also a hit, but I mean how could it not be when tuna, beans and sweet chilli is involved.

photo 2-83


My fortnightly therapist appointment was also on today and it went really well, even though I’ve been totally slack and neglecting the daily journal of my anxiety- woops. Memo to self: Journal every night for 2 weeks.

He’s happy with progress and agrees with many of you when he says- throw out my jeans. Why keep something that causes me that much strife.

He also gave me a big task- to weigh myself everyday for 2 weeks.

Now before you report him haha or give him a serve, there is more to it. We’re taking a leaf from Exposure Therapy and exposing me to the process. BUT he wants me to tape something over the numbers so I don’t see the weight. Unless I truly want to- but that ain’t going to happen. So basically everyday I’ll be hopping on the scales, weighing myself and not knowing the number. But even then it gives me butterflies and anxiety. However, I’m sure I’ll get use to it and I think it’s a good stepping stone to eventually weighing myself.

I did also want to talk about something else he mentioned. He said, I am a free-willed adult and in all honesty I don’t ever have to weigh myself again, and it doesn’t matter if I don’t either. BUT, the fact that it is such a controlling force/problem in my life IS the issue.

I’ve got to start making choices, being responsible for those choices, taking action and making changes ,or else I’ll be living the rest of my life controlled by these issues.

  • Do you weigh yourself? How often?
  • What is something you could expose yourself to?

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