Live, Before You Don’t Get The Choice To

Hey guys, how are we?

Congrats on making it past the halfway mark for the working week! I hope you’ve been using the truth instead of excuses today ;)

My day’s been great since I was uni-less (by choice). I woke up wayyyyy too early for a BodyStep class this morning. It felt earlier than normal too since I may have conned someone into staying up with me while we (almost!) finished season 5 of Gossip Girl! One episode to go ;) (Anyone else a GG fan?!)

Oh and remember how I told my appetite was a bit wonky yesterday, well it continued until last night. I had prepared tacos and was planning to have a taco salad, when just the thought of it convinced me it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t want to skip dinner since I’d done quite a bit that day and just taught a BS class so I opted for something a bit lighter and different.

photo 1-84

And it was SO good. Wholegrain toast + vegemite + avocado = must try now.

Luckily my appetite is back on track today and I’ve been eating as usual. After burning my first batch of brown rice (I always forget about it and now I’ve got a black saucepan bottom) I quickly threw another lot on before my upper body weights + BodyBalance workout. I ended up letting it sit for 2-3 hours in the water (cooked), which resulted in an extra voluminous bowl of rice for my lunch this morning!

photo 2-82

The flavour was slightly less flavourful than normal and more watery but it didn’t bother me too much… what with all my curry powder ;)

And because dinner’s going to be a late one tonight (since I’m at work) I just had a much needed arvo/pre-dinner snack of toast + pb + ab + banana slices.

photo 3-59

What would you do?

I also read quite a sad post by one of my frequently read blogs which linked to an even sadder post. If you’re not up to clicking through here’s a rundown: an amazing lady died from cancer and this blogger had linked some of her last posts she wrote. She also spoke about how positive and inspirational this lady was to the end (and her end was very young mind you).

But it got me to thinking. What if something (touch wood) horrible were to happen to me, and it put a time limit on my life. What would I do differently?

I thought about all the things I’d change or do if I found out that was going to happen. Let me share..

Follow my dreams and stop my current study.

Travel, travel, travel.

Get married sooner than later.

See family more.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Enjoy life’s more complex (and luxurious!) pleasures.

Adopt a kitten.

Eat whatever I (and my body!) want.

Do more things with friends.

Complete all my goals.

Spend my money.

Not waste time working somewhere I don’t want to be.

Train in more Les Mills programs.

Attend fancy events.

Do more, Live more.

Isn’t it funny how none of that centres around getting thinner, looking better or eating healthier/perfectly? Though, I’m sure my therapist could have told you that.

I actually am overwhelmed with sadness (being tired doesn’t help) when I think about those situations, but it’s also an important reminder- to live life. Your life. No matter how short, long, troubled or fantastic. Just live, before you don’t get the choice to anymore.

Live Life, Before You Don't Get The Choice To

  • What are some of the things you would do if you didn’t have long to live?
  • Are you a Gossip girl fan?


  1. Uh, lord knows I have been thinking about this a lot lately! I don’t remember anything from my accident so the way I think about it, I could have easily just never woken up again and been none the wiser.

    Having a near death experience does make you re-evaluate your priorities and what you’re doing with your life. I know I will be making some changes once I get out of my funk!

    Oh and it’s funny you mention GG! It’s literally all I’ve been watching for the past 2.5 weeks. I haven’t seen the last two seasons so I thought it’d be fun to start right from the beginning and have a massive marathon to remind myself of all the storylines. I’m already up to season 3 – it’s so addictive, even though I’ve already seen it before haha!
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…Eating through an injuryMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      I can imagine!
      I’m glad you’ve taken positives out of it- sounds like a great post your priorities.
      I hope you get out of your funk :( I’d chill with you if I was there ;)
      WOO! Haha, good job! Well we are up to season 5, and only have one more season. God there’s so many twists aye!
      Sometimes I wish we marathoned them so we remembered everything but it comes back eventually.
      Once this season is done, we need to watch season 5 of jersey shore (just released!) and then season 6 of GG!

  2. Great thoughts, Bek!

    I would hold my man a little tighter! And yes, I would def travel more. Definitely!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted…Reduction in ‘Magazine Reading’My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Thanks! I guess long term plans would no longer be necessary- like saving and career choices and you’d just live it up.

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