Crazy About Dried Fruit

Welcome welcome! It’s Thursday, and I couldn’t be happier…apart from the fact that uni is sucking away my soul.


A tad dramatic perhaps but let’s think of it this way- after tomorrow I’m two weeks of classes down! Except for the fact that it also means that I’m just getting closer and closer to assignment due dates. I promise once I’m graduated- no whinging. Ha!

Let’s change up the mood with food.

Breakfast was the same but my post workout snack was a little different. You all know I have a major soft spot for dried fruit.

Like, if you put a date and a piece of chocolate on the table I’m going the dried fruit route. Crazay, I know.

Anyways my favourite time of the month (or bi-month) is when my mum buys my brother’s favourite muesli. For me it means… yay more dried fruit!

photo 1-81

Check out those babies. I generally pick at the pink and white fruits, I think they’re apple and something (I’m actually unsure as to what the pink ones are). There’s usually not a whole heap of them and for some people there’s none, says my brother who proclaims ‘so you’re the reason I never get any pink fruit’.

Now as delicious as these little buttons of magic are, they’re also something that I can go overboard with way too easily. So I decided to pair them with some Chobani 0% plain to balance out the sugar and make sure I don’t go all crazy on that muesli’s ass.

photo 2-79

With that I also had a boiled egg with curry powder.

photo 3-56

And yes, I finally remembered to grab a shot. And the egg was perfectly done too. The gooey yolk mixed with the curry powder is just ugh phenomenal.

photo 4-42

Apart from eating I have managed to get other things done: uni work as you’ve already seen, a BodyStep class, yoga (tried half a class) and some errands.

The half a yoga class was because it was a first class and I only stayed to let the GFM how it was. Not sure I approve of having a display folder on stage with you to look at, nor do I really like the disjointed flow of the class. It felt more like a stretch class, and unfortunately I don’t think this is going to take me out of my anti-yoga funk. However, I do love BodyBalance and that incorporates some aspects of yoga as well as tai chi and pilates!

I’ve also prepped half of my lunch and snacks for tomorrow, because being organised is one way I maintain my healthy eating and lifestyle. It’ll be a big day at uni and then most likely straight to work. Oh the life of a uni student…

  • Do you like dried fruit?
  • What is something you can’t control yourself around?
  • What sucks away your soul?


  1. Ally says:

    Haha I am like that with anything too sweet :-)
    PS I love the little pink ones too! I think it may be paw paw or something?

    I start back at Uni on Monday… Im just waiting for the huge workload to hit me too!

    What sucks away my soul is negative people – I try to surround myself with others who are going to lift me up and keep me positive, happy and loving life. When I am around negativity, I get a negative mindset and that really sucks my soul away…

    • BekatCrave says:

      No, there’s no way it’s pawpaw- pawpaw is gross haha.
      Maybe apple? I think the clear ones are pineapple. Yay, another sweet tooth ;)
      Oh fun fun! What are you studying again? I’m taking one day at a time…

      Aww, that’s great! Great idea- positive people are awesome :) Just like you! ;)


  2. Kristy @ Southern In-Law says:

    The pink fruit is definitely pawpaw or papaya. I wish I could eat more fruits! I love dried dates (and fresh ones), raisins and dried banana (NOT banana chips :P)

    I can’t control myself around almond milk, haha. The unsweetened almond milk is always gone in a flash because I will pour a tonne on my cereal and then drink a glass too ;P Only almond milk though – I always hated milk and would eat my cereal dry or with cottage cheese or yogurt

    • BekatCrave says:

      What?! No way! I thought pawpaw was disgusting! I have never tried fresh dates!
      Haha, oh cool. I can’t seem to find any Almond Breeze almond milk around brissy :(

  3. Helen says:

    I love dried fruit, we have a brand in the UK called Urban Fruit which has dried strawberries that taste just like fruit pastilles (but without the sugar!). Yum.

    I can’t control myself around things with added sugar like biscuits, cakes, sweets (and I don’t mean 2-3 biscuits I would eat the packet or 2-3 slices of cake it would be the whole cake – size not an issue). So this year I have decided to go cold turkey, it’s easier to say no to the first one than no to a second if that makes sense?

    What sucks away at my soul? My daughter refusing to potty train ARGGGHHH. #breathes

    Right now I am off to cook a boiled egg to try curry powder with the runny yolk!
    Helen recently posted…You want me to push my stomach out? On purpose?My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Omg! Yum! I’m always so envious of other countries tasty healthy treats that us Aussies miss out on :( I’ll have to see if we have it over here…
      except maybe I shouldn’t or there’d be none left for anyone else haha :P

      Hmm yes, I get you. Those things are made to be addictive- so it’s understandable. Oh wow! Good on you, although I’m not usually one for restriction :S I think changing the quality or working on underlying reasons might help with the going overboard. I’d hate to see you live the rest of your life without those things- or try to atleast. Feel free to email me at and I could offer you some help :)
      But good job, even if the cold turkey is temporary till you can break the addiction :) Make sure you get your sweet tooth fix
      through natural sugars then :)

      Ohhhh, yes breathe breathe! I can only imagine. Haha.

      Oh yay! What did you think?! It’s so good right?!

      • Helen says:

        That’s very kind offer but after 37 years I have realised the underlying reason is I have no self control :)

        I agree it sounds restrictive but binge eating isn’t (especially the food sources it tends to be) particularly good for you either. This is the easiest way I have found so far to manage the problem (and lets face it sugar is not good for you anyway). I’m also flexible enough that if my mother put a sugar laden pudding in front of me I would smile and it eat it rather than shriek and throw it in the bin.
        I have a lovely sugar free banana bread recipe and biscuit recipe so I am not really deprived (and I eat a LOT of fruit!)

        The boiled egg was yummy :)

        • BekatCrave says:

          Naw, but self control can be learnt! I totally agree. Well yeah, if you’re flexible than that’s good :)
          I’ve just been there before, so just make sure it doesn’t start controlling your life and become an unhealthy sort of thing.
          That’s good :) Try Natvia, I really enjoy it! I’ve also got some sugar free recipes on the blog, if you’re ever interested.
          Yay :) Glad you enjoyed!

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