How I Eat Healthy When Busy

With uni starting back and everything going on sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy.

Wait. Scratch that!

It’s actually really simple, and all you need is a little organisation. I’ve had a request for a post along these lines so I thought now is as good a time as any.

This isn’t just for uni go-ers but for anyone really- with kids, working etc.

So how do I continue to eat healthy, even when things get hectic?

I’ve done a similar post way back in yonder years about Eating healthy & Exercising when busy, but it was more a generic ‘what to do’ magazine type one-size-fits-all post. This is specifically what I do.

How To Eat Healthy When Your Busy

  • I think ahead. I usually look ahead to the week to come and write reminders in my diary of what I need to organise and when. Even if I don’t look at it again, at least I’ve thought it through and it’s more likely to stick in my brain.
  • I prepare beforehand. I’m lucky in that I can prep the day before usually, but if you can’t do that choose a day to prepare everything you’ll need for the week to come. Or at least prep those things you’ll know you won’t do when the time calls- big ones for me include grating & cutting carrots and prepping salad ingredients.
  • Pack more than enough food. I always do this (and for work I’ll include my in case of emergency snack also now!). I’m never skimpy with packing my food and always pack more than I’ll need. You can never really predicate how your body’s hunger will be- unlike many things in my life, hunger is not on a routine anymore. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit or something- at least it’s there.
  • Pack carefully. Do you get lunch breaks? Will you get away with eating a tuna salad in a uni lecture? If you’re never going to get a chance to drain your tuna or heat up leftovers than packing those foods won’t suit. For lunch I’ll usually pack a lunch or sometimes a sandwich and then plenty of snacky foods. I’ve never packed toast for uni (good luck finding a toaster) so I make sure I pack plenty of fruit, nuts, protein slices and other ‘poppable’ food.
  • Use a Lunch Bag/Box. Dorky I know. But I have a cooler bag that I always use- it’s usually hiding in a bigger bad anyways so no one really sees it. But the point is that it keeps things fresh and uncrushed.  What is the likelihood of you eating a bruised and squished banana? A chocolate bar seems so much more appealing right? Oh and if needed pack ice packs to keep things from getting smelly/off.
  • Prepare for Criticism and Jokes. Sure, everyone use to watch as I drained my tuna and set up my giant salad but they’re use to it now. Maybe people think you’re cheap or a killjoy for packing your food- but who cares? I feel good knowing that I can use that extra money for better things, and that I’ve got access to plenty of healthy and delicious food. Now most of my friends actually pack the exact same things I do haha. Imitation is the highest form of flattery ;)
  • Have a Good Source of Healthy Go-To Snacks. You know what you like and what your body likes so why re-write the wheel? Sure, keep things interesting and try new healthy ideas (or you’ll fall into a rut and end up not eating/despise it). I love nut butters, fruit, toast, carrot sticks + philly cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, salads, beans, homemade protein slices, boiled eggs + curry powder etc.

So there ya go! Hopefully this helps you out a bit when life gets in the way of your healthy lifestyle!

  • How do you stay healthy when busy?
  • Is there anything else you want to know?


  1. Michelle says:

    What a great idea for a post ;)

    Pack more than enough food! Wholeheartedly agree! Yesterday my afternoon snack (banana) was underripe to the point of being inedible :( Into the bin it went and unfortunately I was left with no options but office lollies. Not an ideal situation!

    I definitely have to make this protein slice! All too often I’m guilty of using squares of dark chocolate to supplement meals and not quality food.

    Great post – you should try a WIAW if that takes your fancy too!
    X Michelle

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha, thought you’d like it ;)
      Damn! I hate under ripe bananas they are nasty.
      In that situation it’s better to eat than to not eat and starve your body- you
      had the right intent but unfortunately life can sometimes muddle up our healthy intents :)
      (A little insight from my therapist haha)
      Hmm, nothing wrong with dark chocolate! But you should try and make sure
      you’re getting in enough calories and proper food also :)
      Oh yes, I’ve been meaning to! :) Thanks for the tip.

  2. [...] because I’m super organised I was able to go straight to work after uni because I’d packed snacks, lunch and more snacks. [...]

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