Counting Down Semester 1…already

Hey Guys!

Thanks for your kind responses on my jeans/weight training dilemma post- it’s reassuring that I can put something like that out there without being ridiculed. I’ve received advice to just throw them, but the verdict is still out..

It’s been a long day round my neck of the woods- but I’ve still managed to eat healthy. Suits hay? Especially since this morning’s post was on How To Eat Healthy When You’re Busy.

It started with an early wake up shortly after the 5th hour of the day commenced, since I had a 6am BodyStep class this morning. I’ve got to say, those ladies make the early mornings worth it. Oh and doing BodyStep (aka best thang ever!) ain’t too bad either ;)

I rushed home, gobbled my breakfast…


…and made my way to uni for a 2 hour lecture. After uni we had a humungasaurus group meeting which was super productive.

From there I was straight to work, where I’ve been cleaning and working of course.

I’ve got plenty of uni work on my plate now and I’m trying to make a serious dint in it as early as possible. There’s a mixture of anxiety/excitement/dread when I realise that this semester I had just over 7 more weeks of uni and 6 weeks of prac. Then I’m rewarding myself by jet packing around Europe!

I will be informing you of my itinerary (when I can be bothered typing it all up)- so if you’ve got some recommendations, tips or your a Les Mills instructor, you must get onto me! I would literally love to do some Les Mills classes in Europe- just for the fun of it ya know! I’ve already gone on the International forums and had offers from a couple of people to join in! What fun! Les Mills creates an amazing culture.

Apart from all that super interesting stuff, there’s not much going on- I blame uni!

  • Do you enjoy travelling? When’s your next big trip?
  • Do you do countdowns?


  1. I love to travel! I get to go skiing for a week with my fam in about 10 days. Can’t waiiiiiittttt :)
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    • BekatCrave says:

      Awwww how exciting..except I hate skiing. I have terrible scarred memories of going down a mountain too fast and then getting stuck in an akward position with my skis…then walking doing the mountain. Never again! Ha.

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