If I do this, then shouldn’t that happen!? [Weight Training Issues]

It’s been a big day of studying around here. But don’t be too impressed…I was this close to not even bothering. Once I started I realised it wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t take much for me to stop and have lunch.


Lunch was a simple whole-wheat wrap with a chopped up vegie pattie, low-fat cheese and mushrooms. I toasted it to get it warm and melt the cheese. Seriously- melted cheese is where it’s at.

I also had a weight workout and CXWORX class this morning. Both were awesome and my weights workout was a bit different today because I sort of restarted my weight training program.

Okay… this is ugh not easy for me to share. And I honestly feel so ashamed typing it, but I want to be honest with you guys and hopefully in the long run you can offer me some help? [Prepare for thoughts to come from every which way].

I started a new weights program because my jeans would not go over my quads and ass.


I haven’t worn my jeans since June last year (before the binges got really bad and I started seeing a Therapist). They were pretty unforgiving then also- as in, if I couldn’t go to a buffet wearing them ha.

But they were and still are my size. I don’t know if the brand makes any difference but they were Lees, so I’m trying to rationalise that perhaps they are smaller makes. To test the theory, I went to the store the next day to try on a pair of jeans the exact same size but in a different brand to see whether they’d fit. Fortunately they did or I’d say I’d probably have made an embarrassing scene at the store.

From that I’m gathering that these others jeans (that we will never mention again ha) were a small make. But realising that didn’t stop me from breaking down and totally ramming on myself. Oh what a blow right. Whether they were a small make or not it was just another reminder that I am larger than I was in June last year. Now last year in June (from what I can remember) I wasn’t an unhealthy skinny weight (I could be wrong though)- so this is different from my other jeans incident.

But the thing is that it totally come out from left field. I was not prepared for that.

Since I don’t weigh myself or any of that stuff at the moment I can’t say for sure why my jeans don’t fit. My bf is adamant that it’s because my muscles are grown. Being a total sweetheart and saying ‘Bek, how many squats and weights have you done since June last year’. Oh, naive one.

Regardless, the point is I’m bigger. Whether it be muscle or fat, and I’m hoping it’s the former, I would prefer it not be there.




In a bid to not totally hate on myself I decided to research into reps for weight training (after doing some desperate googling for a magical answer), and apparently the reps I were doing were ideal for building muscle size. I was doing generally 8-12 reps and anywhere from 3-5 sets. [Please correct me if I'm wrong].

Since then I’ve taken on the Starting Strength recommendations to stick to 5 reps for 3 sets. This was also backed up by a recent article I read on Nerd Fitness that said the same things about reps and results.




Why not just look into my diet and cardio choices? Because it’s depressing to do so. I’m already eating healthy- and I’ll admit sometimes I struggle to find the balance and I end up ‘too healthy‘- and I’m teaching and attending exercise classes anywhere from 1.5-3 hours a day (including weight training 3 times a week).

If I put it down to the fact that I’ve gotten fatter or whatever than I feel helpless. I’m already doing SO much, what more is there for me to do?

Hopefully my little whinge can come off as a cry for help and someone can enlighten me to whether or not I’m making the right choice to change my weight program. I will say that although it’s my first day- knocking back the reps and starting over with lighter weights has already seen my range increase (in squats especially- finally!) and my form improve.

But if you make me choose between fitting my clothes and weight training, I’d hate to imagine what I’d end up picking…

Ps. I’m having conflicting thoughts. Isn’t weight training suppose to make you gain weight but look smaller (i.e fit your clothes!). But then I also think (and the bf argues) weight training can also make your muscles grow larger (i.e take a look at guys and girls who are not lean and muscular but rather big and muscular- still looking good mind you, but just not the look I wish to reach for). I guess th

  • Help a girl out?
  • Should I keep or throw out the jeans?
  • Do I sound like a crazy person…?


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  2. Hey Bek, don’t fret. When our body changes, it takes a bit of time. When I was bigger/bingeing I fit into my jeans okay, then I started lifting more weights & they hardly fit at all (like I couldn’t breathe). As my body changed, they slowly began to fit again. It most makes sense this way: if you’ve gained a bit of fat/weight and then add weight training on top of it, it will take up more space. BUT with time, your metabolism will kick up and you will be able to more fit into the jeans.

    If I hadn’t stuck with it, I wouldn’t be able to wear my ‘skinnier’ jeans that I now can.

    It’s obv up to you, but don’t lose hope! And in the end, they’re just jeans. ;)

    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted…Ellie Review-February LineMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Hey Annette! Long time no chat :)
      Yes, I am the same- I’m doing weights to get stronger and toner not bigger haha!
      Okay, well maybe I should keep the jeans then? But just hide them in the bottom of the closet ;)
      Haha, reminds me of a saying that went something along the lines of the difference between success and
      failure is continuing on even when you think things are going backwards/ not changing.

      Okay, I’m sticking it out and just changing my reps :)
      Thanks for the pep talk! xx

  3. Bek! You should have emailed me, not turned to Doctor Google ;)

    Everyone is different, and it depends what your body fat is when you started. I’m going to do a post about my legs next week hopefully but to give you a preview – my legs have always been pretty big compared to most women. I did have a decent base of muscle from dancing, but I also had plenty of fat on there too. I’ve always struggled to find jeans that fit me, so it wasn’t anything new when I started lifting. My muscle mass did increase when I started squatting and deadlifting, but I also lost most of my fat. So my legs are roughly the same size but comprised of different tissue now.

    When I started lifting I was a size 10-12 at 65kg. I’m still the same size but 74kg now. My body has changed shape and it’s hard to find clothes that fit. For example, my lats are quite big but my waist is small in comparison, so it’s hard to find shirts that fit my back but don’t hang off my stomach. Similarly, my arms struggle to fit in size 10 t-shirts but the 12s hang off my waist. With jeans, I’ve just embraced a larger size. I don’t let my opinion of myself be determined by what size I’m wearing. Who gives a shit? I am proud of my body and it’s not like I’ve gotten bigger by porking out on cake and ice cream (although maybe I will after the past few weeks, haha). My goal is to make my legs and butt bigger, so why would I be worried that my jeans don’t fit anymore? I don’t see Amanda Latona crying herself to sleep because she can’t fit in jeans!

    As for what rep range is best for muscle growth, the model is oversimplified. Even if you work at a range of 5 or less reps, you’re still going to build muscle. A low rep range naturally encourages a higher weight so your body will adapt to meet the challenge by increasing lean muscle mass. 8-12 reps is best for hypertrophy (as the time under tension is increased, but not to the point where the weight fails to provide a sufficient challenge – as in the case of 15+ reps to ‘tone’ and all that BS). Fact of the matter is, if you’re going to lift weights, you’re going to build muscle – there is no way around it. But muscle is a beautiful thing!

    You are still very lean so you have plenty of room to grow. All of my female clients who started off very slim have grown out of their clothes. It’s hard to deal with at first, but I promise that you will soon get used to your strong and sexy new body!
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    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha! I know but didn’t want to bother you when you have so much on your plate.
      Oh cool, I look forward to it :)
      Bigger? HA that would never be my goal- good on you for being confident enough to have that goal.
      Oh okay- I’m still confused by that :P Ha. I know I’m going to build muscle regardless but I just would rather do a rep range that focuses on strength opposed to getting big.
      I know, but I don’t want to grow out of my clothes :(

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