A Very Wet Saturday

Hey friends!

I feel like I’ve been balls to the wall busy today… wait can I say that? Ahhh too late I just did ha.

How has your Saturday been?

It’s raining buckets here and hasn’t stopped all day. Work is incredibly busy so in between that I’ve been trying to do uni study, grocery/menu plan, blog & blog-related stuff and catch up on the many blog posts that I’m behind on. I haven’t done as much uni related study as I’d like but I’d say I’ve still done enough considering its only week 1.

Don’t fear though- I did remember to eat. I had a Banana & Almond Milk Protein Slice for sustenance as I made my way to work.

Speaking of…I ran out! Need to make a new batch- any ideas on new flavour combos?

photo 2-59

Breakfast couldn’t happen that very second but the slice did wonders for holding off those hunger pangs. But eventually breakfast did come and it included oats done my favourite way- oats + trim + water + crushed almonds + banana slices + raw honey – my fave chia seeds :( I still haven’t gotten round to forking out my life savings for a new bag!

photo 1-79

Oh I will also mention that I did try a powdered ‘super green’ type drink mixed with water, before tipping it down the drain in disgust.

Drink fail.


Powders are not my thing. Especially when they taste likeĀ that.

Thankfully lunch was delicious and involved greens in the form of lettuce + spinach, mushrooms, carrot, cucumber & the stars of the show- tuna & curry powder.

photo 2-77

I did something different today and decided to empty my tuna in springwater into a container, instead of draining it. I then was very generous with the curry powder and mixed it all up. The combination of the tuna and curry powder really worked and flavoured my salad beautifully.

Plans for tonight involve a birthday dinner at a Thai restaurant for mum, cake (white choc mudcake- her fave!) and presents!

  • Do you prefer powders or tablets?
  • Will you eat/drink something that is healthy even though it tastes like vom?
  • What are your plans for tonight?


  1. CCU says:

    Haha sustenance to keep you going through the rain – it was absolutely crazy :P

    CCU recently posted…Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus-ismMy Profile

  2. I must admit that I fled the rainy weather of Sydney to Mildura where it was sunny. I have to be in the mood for rain and I wasn’t! What was the green drink powder?
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Viva Vannes, FranceMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      It was this Supergreens stuff ughhh horrible. Haha- lucky you! Yeah me too. I think we’re all a bit fed up with it now.

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