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Post Recovery Day Soreness?

I’m ready…for another day off. Thank goodness I’m getting one of those for Easter Sunday tomorrow!

I’ve been at work all day and what I said yesterday was right- being lazy is contagious and one day is just not enough. I was also super sore this morning, after having a day off exercise yesterday. This always happens to me- the day after I have a recovery day I’m MORE sore. I think it might have something to do with my body not getting warm from exercising? But who knows.

I’ve studied, worked and now I’m ready for home time! Not sure what we will do tonight- whether we see friends, have a low key date night or go out and do something a bit spesh. It’s all up in the air.

I don’t have anything particularly exciting to talk about since I’m feeling pretty meh and just want to chill. But I did want to wish you a super duper Easter and hopefully the Easter Bunny gives you plenty of chocolate! Regardless of how you feel about Easter, make sure you enjoy the choc, memories, special moments and down time.

I know some of this will be eaten throughout my day…


and I’ve got a tinkering for baking/cooking- hmm should I go back to My Baking List for 2013 (thinking paleo bread, gingernuts) or do I cave to cravings and back a Cheesecake (I’m thinking of experimenting with a clean recipe for something diff). Oh and maybe markets in the morning and I’m feeling some Protein Powder Pancakes…okay enough with the rambles- HAPPY EASTER!

And remember if you need some emotional support this Easter- head on over to the Emotional Eating Escape Forum!

  • What will your Easter day be filled with?

Link Love 30/3- Easter Edition!

With Easter literally around the corner ie. tomorrow guys! I thought I’d feature some eggcelent links today…see what I did there ;) Okay lame I know but I couldn’t help myself. But because it’s Easter I thought instead of dedicating an entire category to Easter posts I’ll weave them through my usual categories!

Link Love

Enjoy the Link Love with an easter egg in hand and bunny ears on, sounds like eggactly the way to spend the morning (oops I did it again! ha).






Okay so there’s a lot of food posts there but I was a bit slack in the other categories, my bad. It’s just the spirit of Easter you know- all people want to blog about is chocolate and eggs haha!

Have you got some Easter links to add?