Sticking To The Usual [Continued on from Being Hungry Is Scary]

Hey lovelies! How’s your Hump Day going? (referencing the fact that it’s Wednesday- I don’t have a perverted mind)

I know Crave has been a bit sporadic lately in terms of posting- sometimes it’s twice daily like usual and other days there’s only one post…like today.

But because I got a mixed bag of feedback to what you like (vote here!) I’ve felt less pressure to stick to the twice daily routine. Which is actually perfect because at the moment my anxiety is a bit higher and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with uni going back.

Do You Need To Reduce Your Stress Or Anxiety



Ha can you believe it took your wishy washy responses for me to actually be okay with posting daily. I tell ya, I give myself more hassle and stress than necessary sometimes.




I’ve also got some great responses to my Being Hungry Is Scary post that I posted last night. It’s always reassuring to know that others ‘get you’, or even if they don’t, that they are willing to listen and offer advice. I will report that today my hunger is under control. That sounds terrible I know- controlling my hunger…totally the opposite of my listen to my body kind of philosophy; but what I mean is that I’m eating as usual.

That word usual plays a big part in all of this. I’ve said before how I get comfortable with a certain routine and will freak out when changes occur- but after a while I’ll inevitably get use to those changes too. The problem: I wasn’t use to being that hungry. I wasn’t use to whatever I ate not filling me up like it typically does.

Unfortunately for me when it comes to food and eating, sometimes my rational understandings don’t exactly stick. I know what is rational and the obvious explanation but the problem is I don’t believe it, so I don’t think it.

I should have known that having two 9 hour days where majority of that time is spent burning absurd amount of calories is not the usual for my body either. Therefore it had to adjust to keep up. Unfortunately I neglected to adjust my eating for the days after (yeh yeh afterburn!).

It’s not fair actually, how I expect my body to adapt no questions asked but am very hesitant and almost defiant to adjust how I look after my body, and in particular how I refuel it.

But just like I became more comfortable with having just one post a day, I need to become comfortable with responding to my body’s needs. Not the needs of the routine.

Hmm, maybe permission is the secret key to unlocking it all? But should I need that? And whose permission and approval am I seeking? Mine or yours?

  • Do you like routine?


  1. Hehe you know every time I hear hump day I think of the other humping! :P
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Earth To Table, Bondi JunctionMy Profile

  2. Michelle says:

    “It’s not fair actually, how I expect my body to adapt no questions asked but am very hesitant and almost defiant to adjust how I look after my body, and in particular how I refuel it.” What a great statement. It’s true that we think very little of pushing our body outside the normal limits, but then feel surprised and frightened when it responds by asking for more, sometimes steadily and sometimes more urgently. I think it’s about learning to trust our hunger doesn’t want to make us fat and unattractive, it just wants to rebuild our shattered muscles so we can continue to do these awesome feats of exertion.

    I love these posts of yours. I know you get frustrated knowing these things rationally, but still not being quite able to practice them yet. I think it’s something we all struggle with. But youre getting better and better at questioning when you’re not treating yourself with respect. And that’s half the battle won right there!

    X Michelle

    • Michelle says:

      PS Love the twice daily posts – but better for you to do what’s best for you! Maybe once some days, twice others :) ?

      X M

      • BekatCrave says:

        Aww thanks- makes me feel loved rather than a pest that keeps popping up in your inbox :P
        Yes, that’s my plan. Post twice daily but when I’m anxious or too busy not to worry and just
        do the one post. I’ll also never force a post- so if I’ve got nothing to share then it’ll be once
        daily. But I’ll doubt that will happen haha :P xx

    • BekatCrave says:

      I know! It’s funny how we take some things for granted and then expect to not change another thing. When you get some you’ve got to give some too.
      That’s a great way of putting it! I’m going to try and use that mentality.
      Thanks, I love sharing them because it’s so personal to me, yet therapeutic, and it’s something I want to share- and hopefully others will get something out of it too. It also opens up whole new dimensions of questions that we often ‘brush under the rug’.
      :) xx

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