Going Topless

*Slow exhale* Ahhh Friday.

A day where we all unite with joy because the weekend is upon us, and apparently overshare with slightly disturbing posts?

My day has been filled with paperwork- invoices, grocery/menu planner for the week, unit outlines for uni and Body Attack scripting sheets in preparation for tomorrow.

photo 2-73

I also did a quite bold, never before thing this morning- I took off my shirt…at the gym… in the weights room.

Okay, so I wasn’t completely topless but if you go back to an earlier post (all the way back to October) I set a fitness goal to feel confident enough to just wear a crop top when working out.

It had nothing to do with vanity or showing off but it was about me feeling confident enough in my own body to not care.

I don’t know what happened this morning- maybe it was the shift in thinking I’ve gotten from starting free/heavy weights training- but as I was doing my assisted chin ups & dips I thought hay why not. And off went the shirt.

Hmm what am I doing? Oh just changing my song….

photo 1-75

It helped a bit that I had high-waisted shorts on, a cute Body Step crop top on under my white singlet that was quite modest and a fairly empty weight room (maybe 6 others there?).

It felt…well cool for one since I was sweating a whole heap (ha) and I guess, liberating? Like yeah, this is me- I’m not perfect and I don’t care. It was almost as if I accepted my body and was at peace with all that I was.

Apart from that cool little development and the overload of paper I’m been shuffling through my day has been pretty much the usual. I did manage to get majority of my food prep done for tomorrow though. Which will mean I get to relax tonight in anticipation for tomorrow’s training.

I’m going with the thought that it’s better to pack more food than not enough. It’s a huge 10 hour day and will be very physically draining as well as mentally. Since it’s a 7:30am start and the gym is close to home I’ve decided to sleep as much as possible and eat breakfast there. I’m packing things like:

  • Tuna salad with sweet potato
  • Carrot sticks & cottage cheese
  • Banana + pb (if I can find a container for it)
  • Apple
  • Grapes & Almonds
  • Banana & Almond Milk Protein Slice
  • Boiled Egg (These last two points will be brekky)

I packed this much food for my BS AIM 1 but didn’t manage to eat it all- but I’d prefer to have the option to, instead of going hungry and losing energy. Plus I get irritable and desperate when hungry.




The two days will be similar to my BodyStep training in some ways and different in others. Rumour has it that there’s a few challenges on both the days- beep tests, push ups & sit ups (for time), circuits etc so I’m definitely going to need the energy. Like BS training there will also be time dedicated to theory which is a really important part of being an instructor in terms of the coaching, cueing and motivating.

We’ll also be doing endless hours of technique like I did at the BodyStep AIM 1 (Part B post here) and presenting our tracks at the beginning and end of practice.

Fingers crossed all goes to plan and my practice, scripting and constant listening to BodyAttack music in the car has paid off.

  • Have you ever just worked out in a crop top?
  • What has weight training done for you?


  1. Kloe says:

    I’ve discovered such a love for weight training, I find it so empowering and makes you really realise what your body it capable of- and you feel like a strong, independent woman ;)

    I’m exactly like you! I look at those girls who wear these tiny crop tops and basically underwear around the gym like it’s nothing, and could never imagine doing that!
    Kudos to you though for being so confident and just going for it… such a testament of how far you’ve come with loving who you are, which we all need to learn to do :) love ourselves first, right?!
    Kloe recently posted…Numaste: Possible New Yogi Convert?!My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Yes! It’s no longer about aesthetics but performance, it changes everything.
      Aw thanks- I doubt I’ll do it again though, didn’t exactly like what I saw the WHOLE time haha.
      I’m getting there :)

  2. Mitch says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I hope everything went well. Kloe is right, weight training makes a person feel both strong and capable, I’ve only recently just discovered that and still working on it. :) I have problem with my weight for as long as I can remember.But I’m working on losing my extra weight now by dieting and exercising. I also started taking Liproxenol to help curb my appetite. Works well so far. Now I no longer feel dismayed when I look on the scale.

    • BekatCrave says:

      Everything has gone well so far- except my calves hate me haha. Yay!
      Yes, weights make a huge difference. Hmm, is liproxenol like a diet pill?
      You don’t need them- weights and healthy eating will do the trick. Feel free to email
      me if you ever need help or motivation! :) Good on you for making the change to a healthier life!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love that you just went with how you were feeling and had the courage to go bare (well not completely!) Its an amazing feeling to just let go, and realise other people are probably admiring our bravery, rather than picking flaws.

  4. Yay! This is awesome and I’m so proud of you!

    I’ve only worked out in a crop top a handful of times but it’s on my goal list. It’s funny because there are a few women at my gym who only wear crop tops and they are not in the best shape, yet I still feel nervous to do it.
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…Finally… some good news!My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Thanks :) Haha I saw a girl is underwear basically today, it was so out there and her body was almost prepubescent lol- get the girl some weights. She might have been a ballerina though! I’d like to have her confidence haha

  5. Camille says:

    Although I am having some difficulties maintaining a schedule to go to the gym at least twice a week, I am struggling to battle with these extra weight I have. My daily work routine eats most of my time and energy of course that’s why I tend to pamper myself with over-eating until I realized I could no longer fit-in to my pants. Darn it. Thanks for the tips. This is truly helpful. For now, I would need some aid to get me extra energy to go to the gym and something that could control my hunger pangs.

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