Uni Outlook

G’day! How are we doing today?

I’ve been pretty busy actually. My day, it went a little like this..

Woke up at 5:30am not realising that it was my alarm and not my boyfriends. I totally blanked out on the fact that I had to teach a BodyStep class at 6am- but nonetheless I was feeling very rested from an early bedtime the night before.

After having a fantastic BodyStep class I came home to shower and do some relaxing reading of Songs of the Humpback Whale.

photo 1-74

Got up to have breakfast of 2 eggs, spinach, tofu, sliced turkey, mushys, broccoli, cucumber & carrots- all scrambled and with a bit of pepper.

photo 1-55

Recycled, minus the pumpkin.

Headed off to the gym for an upper body workout. Did chest press, shoulder side raises + pec dec, inner & outer rows, assisted chin ups & dips, overhead presses. I need some more upper body weight exercises though- so share your fave!

Came home for a boiled egg with curry powder and half a banana with pb + ab.

Headed to work a little earlier.

Worked- vaccumed, cleaned, fridge etc.

Started prepping my university stuff for next week

Had lunch- brown rice, tuna, beans & mushrooms with curry powder.


Recycled (again) and nix the salsa for curry powder.

And here I am now, still doing uni prep and trying not to get overwhelmed by it all. It’s always like that at the start of a semester.



Here’s what my life is going to look like this semester…

  • 6 weeks of prac- full time teaching (at the end of the semester)
  • an online unit
  • an education developmental (foundation) unit that has 2 lectures (2 hours each) and no tutorials. Full of guest speakers and important information for getting into the teaching profession
  • A science unit (ughhh hate science) that doesn’t actually seem to bad.
  • Our first SOSE unit that looks like they’ve crammed as much as they could into it
  • Lots of readings
  • Not many assignments, but they are big whoopers

I know I’ll cope and just think after this semester and my prac I’ll be going to Europe and I’ll have no more prac for the rest of the year!

Now I’ve just got to sort out my future…

  • Is your future sorted?
  • Do you prefer to study or work? Why?

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  1. Wow you get so much done before work! :o
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Sweet Summer Popsicles!My Profile

  2. Kloe says:

    Ahhh first semester of uni back after 4 months of holidays…
    I totally feel ya there. We go back on Monday, and I’m definitely not keen to say the least!

    No way, you’re going to Europe at the end of the year too?!
    How exciting, I’m hopefully going with Tom, I can’t believe this’ll be the first time I’ve been! #behindthetimes #traveln00b

    Have an awesome semester at uni, sounds like a really busy one!
    Kloe recently posted…Since when is my Mail so Damn Delicious?! & Things to Look Forward to.My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Wahhh! I’m not ready to go back. Atleast this is my last year of study though!
      Well at the end of the semester in June/July- I couldn’t do a European winter.
      So I’ll bring you lots of tips ;) It’s going to be so amazing! How long are you going for and where?
      Thanks, you too hun!

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